Thursday, July 12, 2012

on venturing south in the kitchen.

i rarely cook food that's not based on an italian recipe. i mean, i'm always about to try my hand at something else and then i remember pesto and it's all over. but this time it was different. i actually gave it a go with this chicken alambre recipe. and was so happy i did (take that pesto!)
i actually found this recipe last fall, and it seemed so easy, and the flavors intrigued me, so i knew i had to give it a shot at some point. 
basic ingredients, including the chicken, except perhaps the chorizo. i had a hard time finding some (i made two different grocery store trips and that's my limit), so i ended up using spicy italian sausage (of course). however my spicy italian sausage didn't crumble in the pan like it's supposed to. major side eye chorizo imitator. major. side. eye.
after sautéing the bacon and chorizo for five minutes, add in the chicken and sauté until it's cooked through. then add the sliced red peppers and red onion. at this stage i cooked everything together for about fifteen to twenty mintues...
...while sipping on a little white wine and cutting the accoutrements - avocado and lime. but if you want sour cream, salsa, tomato, corn - the world is your oyster. or your taco. do your thing girl.
when it was done i wrapped it all up in a whole-wheat tortilla (that makes it healthy, right?) and BAM - flavor explosion.
the sweetness and smokiness from the applewood smoked bacon, the spiciness of the "chorizo", the chicken that was able to absorb all the flavors - accompanied by the caramelized onions, tart lime, cooling avocado and roasted pepper - every bite tasted different. this was the tastiest recipe i had made in a while. i halved the recipe and it was enough for two people and leftovers, so making the whole recipe would easily feed four or five.
and now, of course, i want to make more mexican food! if you have a favorite recipe share it below, and definitely give this one a whirl if you're looking for a tasty weeknight dinner.


  1. Chorizo really is difficult to find. I've subbed chorizo for Italian sausage before and though it's good, it's just not the same!

  2. I love you're style, and all you're blog. I follow u, dear :)
    My name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

    Hope u follow back ;);)

    A lot of kisses, honey.

  3. If you're looking for some TexMex recipes, check out Homesick Texan. Her recipes are always on point and definitely have that Southern flavor


    For serious.

    But did you know I'm allergic to avocado?!? I don't stop breathing or anything but there's terrible stomach pains involved. And I'll spare you the rest.

    I love making just plain old classic tacos. Easy and delicious. And there's a burrito place in Boston that I can't get enough of. Called "Anna's" interestingly enough. Must be meant to be. :)

  5. Looks like it turned out great! Mexican is one of my favorite kind of food to make.


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