Friday, August 3, 2012

on having a guy.

in new york, everyone's got a guy. i didn't hear it in philly, or nashville, or virginia - but in nyc, yeah. everyone's got a guy.
need a diamond ring? i gotta guy.
need your pants hemmed? i gotta guy.
need your dog walked? i gotta guy.
need your teeth cleaned? i gotta guy.
we don't have jewelers, and tailors, and dog-walkers and dentists. we got guys.
and the thing is - like finding your favorite bagel place - you want to find those guys. you want to be the one who helps someone out by saying - i gotta guy.
so it is with immense pride that i can say, (and my devoted readers will know what this means), that when it comes to hot dogs - i gotta guy.
55th and 6th. grills, doesn't boil his hot dogs. a buck fifty. you gotta see him. i do every thursday.
need a good nyc hot dog? no problem. i gotta guy.


  1. Once again Colleen, you wrote a post that made me laugh out loud! I'm gonna try your guy when I am next in NY!

  2. Haha I love this! You know I'm counting on you to have a guy for everything when I finally make my trip up to NYC, right?? Starring this blog post in my google reader right now...

  3. Wish we 'got guys' here in Blighty.
    Over the pond it just doesn't seem to work like that. And the guys we do have totally unreliable. Take my window cleaner for example. I saw him once - he never showed up again and I am telling you, my little house has four windows, its hardly palatial. Maybe being 'the guy' was just too much effort for him.
    Here if you want consistency, reliability...'I have a lady'!

    1. haha I love it! ladies can often be more dependable.


    This post made my whole morning. It is such a good one.


  5. Haha, nice job "getting a guy" and good recommendation. I've got a few "guys" in Houston and they never let me, or my friends, down

  6. HA! I gotta (hot dog) guy, too! His name is Hot Dog Mike. So good. And now I'm hungry. Have a great weekend! xo.

    p.s. Cute flats. ;)

  7. Ha! I can imagine how important it is for you to have a hotdog guy! Glad to hear you have a standing date with him ;)

  8. You know, not eating meat very often, the thing that I most often hot dogs. So the next time I'm staying in the city, I will make it a point to see your guy.

  9. Hilarious. 55th is a hike from my office, but now I really want a hot dog for lunch!

  10. LOL, this post is so true. If you are gonna have a guy, I think you scored by having the hotdog guy!!


  11. LOL "I gotta guy." I love it, and you're SO right..... Don't hear it in Nashville much, either :)


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