Thursday, September 13, 2012

on a little about me.

i was tagged by laura over at real home living for this - enjoy!
How the Game Is Played
1. Create a blog post included 11 random facts about yourself
2. Answer the 11 random questions from the blogger who nominated you
3. Give this award to at least 5 blogs up to 11 and link to them in the post
4. Tell those people you nominated them
5. You cannot nominate the person who has nominated you
6. Remember to tag blogs with less than 200 followers

My 11 Random Facts...
1. (this is really random). every time, seriously - every. time. - i read a fashion magazine i see something that's beyond amazing. and every single time it's designed by fendi. and i mutter under my breath "fucking fendi." sorry to all the people who heard this sitting next to me on trains and planes, my prime time for reading fashion magazines.
2. right after introducing myself to brian i ran into a wall. in front of him.
3. the first country i ever visited was denmark.
4.  my close friends tell me i'm a dead ringer for leslie knope. so if you've never met me, now you know what i'm like.
5. my feet haven't grown since seventh grade.
6. i had an english springer spaniel growing up and she was the best. one year, near the end, she got really sick and stopped eating and the vet didn't know why. she lost a ton of weight and it became clear we should put her down. in desperation, and after a childhood of reading james herriot, who one time gave a dog with a mystery aliment enough anesthesia to sleep for two days and they woke up just fine, i overdosed my dog on advil (!!!!) dog advil. i gave her 36 (!!!!) in one day. i stayed in her room with her all day, feeding her three advil every hour for 12 hours. (i was 12. and woefully misguided. and desperate). BUT. she slept for about 16 hours and woke up the next day fine and started eating again and lived for one more year.
(also, i don't condone this. unless you know it will work. so basically - don't do it.)
7. i drank so much iced tea my freshman year of college my future roommate had to step in and forcibly stage an intervention.
8. when i run i listen to pop music and make up music videos in my head. real talk, people. real talk.
9. when i was a baby, i slept through the night my second night home from the hospital. as their second child, my parents woke up panicked that i was dead. my mom made my dad go into my room and put a mirror under my nose as she felt she was not equipped to deal with the sight of a deceased infant.
luckily, the mirror fogged up.
(also, read this story. i was seriously the laziest infant this side of the mississippi and it caused my parents a lot of distress).
10. sleeping beauty is my favorite disney princess.
11. my favorite go to restaurant in nyc is paprika. do it.
and now, the 11 questions to answer!
1. what is your current ringtone? you know the one that sounds like an old phone? the really boring one? that's mine.
2. favorite thing to do on a friday night? order pizza, drink wine, and watch criminal minds with brian. It's a pretty boring/disturbing night.
3. what do you usually have for brekfast? a bowl of trader joe's vanilla almond granola clusters. with skim milk.
4. do you have any superstitions? not really, but sometimes right after i go to bed i wake back up to double-check my deadbolt because i think it's undone. even if i'm positive i locked it, once i have that thought in my head i have to double-check it. this usually happens for a few nights after watching some criminal minds.
5. if you had to do it all over again, what would you study in school? man. i got my degree in chemical engineering, and to be honest, i really liked having a scientific major and i loved my department. if it wasn't that, it would be math. i wish i had made a bigger effort to minor in something though, and that something would have been italian.
6. what tv shows are you into right now? a lot, but the one you need to know: the chicago code. if you have netflix, go watch the 13 episodes. it's amazing. fox cancelled it after that first half season. you'll watch it, you'll love it, and then you'll be crushed that you can never watch it again.
7. what's the last concert you went to? dave matthews!
8. what was your first AIM screen name? hah - this is a good one! prettynpink05. i have no idea, years later, what it means.
9. favorite birthday memory? any one of my birthdays in college or grad school - working on your birthday is the pits. but, this year, my co-workers surprised me with cupcakes. it really made my day.
10. what was your first paying job? i worked during my summers in high school for a little technology start-up in my neighborhood. it. was. awesome.
11. if someone gave you $500 for no reason, what would you spend it on? in this city the answer is always food and wine. whatever new and delicious restaurnt has caught my attention is where that $500 would go. fo sho.
lastly - my eleven questions, for the people i tagged should they choose to participate!
1. what was your first pet?
2. who was your first love?
3. where would live other then where you live right now?
4. what's your favorite and least favorite quality about yourself?
5. red, white, or does it depend upon what kind of mood you're in tonight? or perhaps a bottle of rose instead?
6. where did you have your favorite meal and what was it?
7. what's at the top of your travel list?
8. what's your favorite curse word?
9. if you could be friends with one celebrity, who would it be?
10. what are your top five favorite movies?
11. what's your favorite holiday?

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  1. Colleen, you're awesome!

    I make up music videos in my head too! And I was just having a conversation with a friend the other day about how ridiculous our AIM screen names were. Hers were always some kind of Smashing Pumpkins lyric and mine was something really stupid like WicKD KiSs (oh, yeah, with the upper AND lowercase in there). Ugh.

    And Paprika? Okay, I'm going to have that check that out. My favorite Italian closed down a few months ago :(

    Thanks for the tag, girl!

    1. as a salad lover, try their kale salad - you'll love it!

  2. Yessss I love it! First off, that first picture of you eating a donut is the BEST EVER. I feel like I learned so much about you in this... Leslie Knope?? I knew I liked you. This only confirms my suspicions that we would be good real life friends.

    I love the story about how you met Brian. Too funny!

    That story about you healing your dog with Advil is amazing! What a hilarious 12-year-old I'm sure you were.

    You and I were like twin babies. I slept through the night when I was first born too. My mom had to WAKE ME UP to feed me. But I was firstborn, so that just made her think that having babies was easy (instead of assuming I was dead like your poor mother). HA - she had a rude awakening when my fussy sister came along. I also love the lazy baby story. TOO FUNNY!

    The way you'd spend your $500 surprised me. I totally expected shoes from you! But food and wine is an excellent choice. Especially in NYC. Aaah I can't wait to go!

    Thanks for doing this Colleen! It was super fun to hear more about you!

    1. yes - lazy babies unite! haha. and I know I know - no shoes! but I guess I have so many already (oops!) if you plan a trip here let me know - then you can meet Leslie knope in the flesh ;)

  3. Omg, your #1 made me laugh SO hard. And to #6, it's probably good that I didn't have a pet when I was younger because I was totally into James Herriot as well. I would have delivered a calf / foal / lamb at age 11 if given the opportunity

    1. haha - thank you! and i am so excited to hear there's another james herriot lover out there - the best reading when i was little!

  4. LOVED this. Looooooved! All of it.

    I just seriously love you so much. I am so glad we met and that we are friends. Just so so glad.

    The story about your dog is one of the best stories ever. Can't wait to tell my sister about it. She's such a dog lover!

    My screen name in high school was partygirl5. Because I was SUCH a party girl. HA. (Me and my girlfriends liked to hang out at TGIFridays on the weekends.)

    These 11 things posts are so great. I'm going to have to do it soon because I love how you feel like you know so much more about your blog friends after reading them. Glad you did this!

    1. awww lady - i am so glad we are friends, too! so lucky in this world of blogging! i hope your sister enjoys my story (and doesn't think little 12-year-old me was insane, haha).

  5. Fucking Fendi indeed! I do something similar whenever I see some sort of ingenious Swedish design (which is also very often). I also cracked up laughing at the fact that you ran into a wall after you introduced yourself to Brian! Thanks for tagging me, I'll post my 11 random facts tomorrow!

  6. OMG, I love you like 10x more after reading this (mostly because I really love Leslie Knope).

    We spend our Friday nights the same way, my friends did a YooHoo intervention on me in high school, and I am so down with fake music videos during a run. In fact, imagining MYSELF looking hot in a a Ke$ha video is exactly what keeps me running. Lame.

    AND. While I was reading the story of your pup, I was thinking, "Please have a happy ending. Please have a happy ending." You delivered. Thank goodness.

    This was awesome!


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