Thursday, September 6, 2012

on my favorite fall items.

while summer may be my favorite season, fall takes the cake when it comes to shopping. the trends, the fashion shows, the incredibly thin models who invade the city for two weeks - it's all quite exciting. and this fall the one thing i'm loving is seeing maroon everywhere (i have a feeling a few of my readers who are virginia tech hokie fans will have a very fashionable football season this year). yes, even maroon lipstick, while i couldn't pull off with my fair coloring, i love it all. of course here in nyc the fashionistas call it oxblood because they're edgy and cool. call it whatever you want, i love it. here are some items i'll be using as inspiration as i poke around my favorite stores this fall. do you have any fall trends you're dying to try?
Oxblood in the Fall


  1. LOVE that maroon/wine/oxblood, call it what you may, is so big this fall! I have had my eye on a few pieces already, as well as some good wine nail colors. And yes, we VT Hokies will be especially fashionable this season :)

  2. My favorite is the skirt with the leather tie belt! Would love to pair that with my brown boots... I'm SO glad this color is so in this fall. I really have always loved it, even before I was a Hokie ;) And of course you love it - hellooo check out the header of your blog! Haven't heard the term "oxblood" before but I think it's awesome.

  3. I call it burgundy! I'm actually wearing a burgundy top right now so obviously I am on board with this trend! Just ordered those trousers (5)! Have a wonderful weekend Colleen!

    1. that's awesome! love those pants and price - gotta find some in the US!

  4. Colleen, even though I can never wear maroon because it's the school colour of my college's biggest rival, it is perfectly on point for this fall - rock it girl!

  5. Replies
    1. yeah 9 is definitely a favorite of mine, too.

  6. The gloves with the weaving-I die! And that watch is pretty fabulous as well!


    Erin @


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