Wednesday, September 19, 2012

on shining a light.

i'm not sure how it became a habit, really. or how i noticed it in the first place. but then, i guess, since i didn't notice it must have been a natural thing to do, something anyone would have done. you see, across from my apartment is another rooftop from which the stars and stripes flies, lit up by two bright spotlights. and when i wake up in the morning, particularly as they grow darker, i eschew my weather app, or, or the tv, or the radio. i get out of bed and i go look at the light across the street. if it's raining, if it's snowing, if it's dry as a bone - my spotlights will tell me. all the raindrops and snowflakes reflect off of them, glittering in the dark sky in the morning, for just a brief beat of time. it's hard, from a few floors up, to look down and see if it's still raining below, even if the pavement looks wet. and so i look to my lights. they always tell me what i need to know.
i was sitting on my couch yesterday evening, and i glanced up to see if it was raining. it was pouring outside, cats and dogs, lit up perfectly. and it made me think of how easy those two little spotlights have made my life - they tell me every morning what kind of day i'll embrace as i head out the door. and i thought - what if we could have a light let us know each morning - work will be good today, your boss will be a jerk today, your kids will behave, the car will break down, you'll get home early in the evening. what would that be like? to look up the forecast of your life every day, right across the street?
but if course, in addition to being impractical and impossible, it's the possibilities in life that keep us going. we get up one more day, and we put one foot in front of the other, for - today might be better than the last day. or as good as the last. or yes, perhaps worse. but if we knew how it all would go - well, then we may leap out of bed some days or stay burrowed under the covers on the others. so life, in it's all knowing wisdom, keeps us guessing. keeps us going. keeps us leaping.
here's to today. let's make it worth the leap.


  1. Colleen - perfectly put. One foot in front of the other and to keep moving forward because of the potential and possibility that the next moment could be the very best

  2. I love when do you post like this one-- makes me remember what we all should be doing here, just taking it one day at a time, appreciating it fully as we go.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  3. So so true. There's a quote floating around pinterest...something alone the lines of "Today might be the best day of your life"...or something like that. Basically, it's just about the fact that something amazingly incredibly wonderful could happen to you (or you could make it happen) at any time. And being aware of that is part of what makes life exhilarating.

    Just lovely!

  4. Very well put, I took a minute to imagine a predictable, forecastable life and thought I would probably never get out of bed! In a way, I like the not knowing so I can go out there and make the best of it...

  5. Beautiful and true. I sometimes wish I could skip ahead a few years and see how some things turn out but then I realize that would take all the fun out of life. Plus, if the forecast were negative, you'd never be able to fully enjoy the present.

  6. I think if I had a light to let me know what kind of day I would have each day, there would be some days that I wouldn't leave the house! But this is an interesting thought though. I'm not a morning person by any means, but I do love the freshness of each day. The possibility of an entire day stretching out in front of you is such a good feeling!


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