Friday, October 5, 2012

on a shoe story - volume I.

it was my first february in new york city. i remember wearing my big down coat to work - it goes all the way to to my knees - on a day where i learned what it meant to be cold to the bone. there was no snow, but my calves hurt the whole time i was outside. ached. ached with each step i took to the subway. it was on those mornings that i passed them. i would turn my last corner, making my way through a sea of people on different commutes, and there they were. in a quiet store, dark, not open for business. i never knew what to think of them. they were cool. they were different. they were badass, for sure. but could i pull them off?
in life, we gravitate towards what makes us feel comfortable. particularly as adults. we know what we like, what we want. we don't have to pretend anymore. our core group of friends listens to similar music, shops at similar stores, shares similar stories. it's not to say we're all the same, just that we gravitate towards those we relate to. think of the blogs you read or enjoy the most - most of them tend to share traits or similarities with oneself. while they tell a different and unique story, you get them. so you read along.
and these, these shoes. they weren't a part of my story. while i think my personal sense of style can be eclectic at times, when it comes to shoes i am a girly girl through and through. stilettos, pumps, peep toes - i'll take my high heels any way i can get them. it pains me to buy flats. i own two pairs of flats, and i resent them both. and these shoes - while not flats - are definitely not girly. they're one of the most aggressive pairs of shoes i've ever seen - covered in thumbtacks, they seem to almost say "bitch please." (to me, too - and i own them!) these shoes are asking for a fight. they're like nicki minaj if nicki minaj was a shoe.
so one cold day in february i got off of work at a normal hour (before 9 PM!) and went in, just to see if they had my size. (you know how this story goes).
they did. one pair left. my size.
and like most of my beloved shoes, the minute i put them on i knew it was a done deal. they were like nothing i had at home, i had no idea what i was going to wear them with, but my goodness did they make my heart skip a beat.
these days i pair them with jeans and a non-desrcript t-shirt - white. grey. minimal. when you wear shoes like these, you don't need anything else. they do most of the talking on their own.


  1. I love that you bought these AND actually wear them! (I bet you totally pull them off, too.) Too often I buy something unique/fashion forward/ballsy and then never wear it. I applaud you, Colleen. You're not afraid to do what you want to do. I love that quality about you!

    P.S. already loving the shoe stories :)

    1. girl - you gotta do it! i still get anxious wearing these but on the other hand it's so much fun. i always suggest wearing something more out of your style range on a date - when you won't be around friends and won't feel as self-concious. then before you know it you'll be wearing it all the time ;)

      p.s. yay!

  2. I already love this series! These shoes are incredible! I am not one to branch out of my style comfort zone, so I can appreciate when others do. I am the queen of returns, so if I buy something that's a little bit different there's probably a 85% chance it will be going back. This post makes me want to be a little braver :) I'm excited to hear your other shoe stories!

    1. wahoo! it can be so fun to wear something a little different so I say go for it ;) and wih you looks I know it will look good!

  3. those shoes are MAJOR! love love love the studs and the fact that they are wedges!


    Erin @

  4. Those shoes are effing amazing. I would totally check to see if they had my size, too. :)

  5. Ah yes Colleen, I can already sense the great shoe stories that are going to come out of your blog! I was particularly intrigued by these bad boys when I saw them in your previous post and their story didn't disappoint. "Bitch please" had me in stitches!


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