Friday, October 19, 2012

on a shoe story - volume II.

if i had to pick my most important pair of shoes, these would be it: my running shoes.
while i've always used running as exercise and an outlet, i didn't really become serious about it until the end of college. it all led up to my first big race - a half marathon in nashville right before i graduated. i trained for a few months and felt good about the race. but that day it was unseasonably hot - record breaking temperatures - and it was awful. by mile six people were passing out and throwing up. it was like running through a frat house when the party's over. when i passed my friend on the sidelines at mile 9 i just looked at her and shook my head. i honestly didn't see how i could possibly finish the race.
but these shoes got through me every step.
and they got me through every step of my training runs. they've taken me down the streets of madrid early in the morning, just after sunrise, club revelers making their way home as i run along. they've taken me in loops around central park and across the brooklyn bridge (and back). they've taken me up and down the hills of virginia on thanksgiving morning.
i love these shoes. they're not much to look at, and they don't have a spot in my shoe cabinet, but they're the most important shoes i own. i wonder what our next big adventure will be, although i think another half marathon may be calling our name (hopefully with less vomit this time).


  1. Love this, and totally feel the same way about all of my pairs of sneaks. It's so hard when it comes time to retire a pair that I've just run down. I think of all the good runs and the amazing races I've run in them! Running shoes are good to us :)

  2. I love it! I did a 1/2 once and it was amazing! I can't imagine doing it in extreme heat though. I'm guessing if you do your next one in NY it will not be 100 degrees.

  3. My running shoes are one of my favorite pairs, too. I love the strong and healthy feeling I have when wearing them. You should do another half! A 10k is the farthest I've done, and I always am impressed by people who have done longer distances!

  4. I can totally relate to this. My running shoes and I have definitely covered some miles (and memories) together.

    I'm considering running the Brooklyn Half in the spring. It would be the farthest I've ever imagined running. Any half marathon tips?! Want to run it?!

  5. I probably shouldn't be admitting this to sane company but when I put on my running shoes, I feel like a superhero. I am one of those people that need serious motivation to get up and go and exercise but the minute I put on those shoes, I feel like I can run a marathon. They might just be a little bit dangerous!

  6. Inspiring, to say the least. I sometimes think about taking up running because of people like you, who find it so fulfilling.



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