Friday, November 30, 2012

on a shoe story: volume IV.

i meant to write this last friday, black friday, as this was the best deal on shoes i have ever gotten (and, trust me, will ever get). but then i ate turkey and pie and fell asleep and it never happened. so here it is now.
at the end of every winter and every summer, barney's has a warehouse sale. barney's is like an extreme upscale department store but with an edge. an attitude, you could say. and their warehouse sale is notorious for being hit and miss and, in general, a huge mess of a bunch of people. but when you do hit it big at the sale - you hit it real big. and here's proof.
for a really long time i wanted shoes that had pin heels (really, really skinny heels, essentially). and while the design started to make it's way into stores like h&m, i wanted to hold out for a really well-made version since shoes like this stood a good chance of being really hard to walk in or really painful.
and so, i waited.
at the warehouse sale i always go straight to the shoes, and i always find nothing. then i go look at all the clothes and nothing really interests me or it's still too expensive or i don't feel like stripping down in front of strangers (there are no dressing rooms at the warehouse sale. it's special).
sidenote: in the winter,
wear black leggings and tights
to make it less awkward.
in the summer,
wear an easy to remove dress
and panties with a full seat.
you can always tell who the amateur
sale-goers are. they had no idea 
here weren't dressing rooms.
and they're wearing thongs.
but i digress.
and, when i'm done looking at the clothes, i head back to the shoe section where, miraculously, new shoes have appeared and there is always a pair that catches my eye. so when i saw these pin heels i got really excited. i debated whether the style was really mine, but decided they would go wonderful with jeans and i'd probably wear the hell out of them.
the shoes were originally $1,295. they are made by nicholas kirkwood.
when i looked at the marked down price, expecting them to still be way out of my price range, i had to do a double-take. there was no way the shoes were marked down that much.
so i went to a sales associate, asked to get the other shoe in the pair so i could try them on, and inquired about the price. she confirmed it was correct, noting that the red sticker on the shoe indicated there was a quality problem - the other shoe was probably two sizes bigger than the one i had in my hand. crestfallen, i decided to still try it on. i thought i was so close to the deal of a lifetime! when she brought me the other half of the pair, i tried them on and, surprisingly, they fit just fine. also, just as i had suspected, these incredibly well-made pin heels were incredibly easy to walk in (wear them for hours on end these days with no problem). i still couldn't tell what the quality issue was, so i decided to go for it.
as i was paying my hands were sweating and my heart was beating really hard. i honestly felt like i was stealing the shoes because they were marked down so much. the lady at the register did a double take, called someone over simply to see the discount, not even check that the price was correct, and they both profusely congratulated me on finding such a good deal.
and that's how i bought a pair of designer shoes for $78. or, 94% off.
can you tell what's wrong with the shoes? i'll update at the end of the day to let you know and see if you guessed correctly. good luck :)
update - so...the shoes are slightly different colors! when i bought them i couldn't tell, until i read a tag on the box that explained the defect. and in person, once told, you can slightly see it. i tried to edit the picture to make it more obvious but seriously, it's like the tiniest difference in color. i'm glad that barney's strives for perfection, and when they don't get it they mark it down by 94%.


  1. I’ve died and gone to shoe heaven! You are right, you totally stole those shoes but if you can walk in them (and I think that is what is wrong with them) then you deserve to have a long and happy life together.

  2. Oooo! I know! ;) I love you & your love of kickass shoes.

    1. haha yes you do! thank you for not giving it away.

  3. Those are easy to walk in? I don't believe you.

    They are pretty rad, though. And I imagine you look super stylish in them. I can't tell what's wrong at all. Post more pics maybe? Different angles or something. I want to get it right.

    You are a shoe goddess, Colleen. Yes. Yes you are.

    1. trust me they are. maybe i can prove it to you sometime in boston ;)

  4. What a deal! I can't see a single thing wrong with them. Lucky girl!

    I will have to look into this Barney's sale. I've never been much of a competitive shopper but it sounds like an experience. Thanks for the tip on the full coverage undies :)

    1. you should definitely check it out - it's a great nyc experience. and keep your thongs at home ;)

  5. Oh, man, I love a great deal like that! I was getting all pumped up just reading your story. Well done!

  6. Your shoe stories are quickly becoming my favorite posts to read! These shoes are awesome! I only wish I would be able to find them comfortable/as easy to walk in as you claim they are. And seriously, you should win some award for the most amazing deal of the century! Yesterday I scored some awesome deals, but I saved only a mere 77%....nothing compared to your 94%! Also, I can't figure out what's wrong with them and it's driving me crazy!

    1. 77% is pretty damn good! and I swear these are easy to walk in, even though they look a bit treacherous.

  7. I really can't tell the difference in colour in your pictures - GOOD FIND! I love when I get a deal, like winning in life


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