Monday, December 17, 2012

on a weekend in a picture.

brian and i headed down to philadelphia on saturday night to visit with friends and go to a little christmas party. while we've visited philly a couple of times this year for weddings, we thought it would be nice to be there when we and our friends didn't have so many obligations. when we could spend real time catching up, laughing - just being together. i have friends from elementary school, college and grad school living there, and brian's former college roommate also lives in philly - it's like friendship mecca for the two of us. and it was so, so good to see everyone, to catch up on their lives, to give them a hug. and last, but certainly not least, let's not forget chandler. chandler the cat, whom my roommate and i brought home from the pound in october of our sophomore year and is just the sweetest and weirdest thing on this planet. in the midst of all the fun, we even got him to smile for the camera.
we'll be back in philly for yet another wedding in january, but i'm glad we took time this weekend to head down there, as i was reminded of how lucky i am to have so many lasting friendships from so many different parts of my life. philadelphia - we love you.


  1. Ah so glad Chandler has made another appearance! I'm not really a cat fan but even I can't resist that face!

    1. i know! a face a mother and others could love!

  2. Brian is an extraordinary cat photographer

  3. I love traveling for weddings, but I know what you mean about having low-key, non-programmed time with out of town friends in their cities. I hope you had a blast. Chandler is quite the looker :)


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