Tuesday, January 1, 2013

on 2012.

happy new year! i hope you rang out 2012 in style - i had a perfect one with friends and family from afar and even ate a few pigs in a blanket. what more could a girl like me need?
as i thought about looking back on 2012 (one of my favorite things about blogging - it's all there for you to remember!) - i decided to do it a bit different than last year. this time i'm gonna go over a few of my favorite posts, recipes and pictures. and that first part is important because i really want it to be a thank you. you guys are the best readers. and your responses and the conversations we've had through this blog have been amazing and so affirming. i really, truly, heart you guys big time. if you're ever in the big apple, don't be shy.
so, shall we?
1. this post was the hardest to write this year, in the sense that i still am not sure if i said what i wanted to say. and yet, i still come back to it. to read it and understand it. i had one friend who told me she read it a few times that day and she thought it was beautiful. and it meant a lot.
2. this post and this post still make me laugh. the latter post was a lot of fun to share with you guys as it was, shall we say, a different way of passing a recipe on to you. brian also had a lot of fun seeing your comments. i think we need another recipe from him soon.
3. this post. wow. this confirmed for me i have the best readers, hands down. i was nervous writing this post but i really wanted to have a conversation with other women about how we were talking about reproductive rights...without talking about reproductive rights. not only am i sure we all have different opinions, but it's one of the most sensitive and personal political conversations you can have. however, i went ahead and posted it and the comments were respectful, thoughtful and created a meaningful conversation. i have all of you to thank for that, so - thank you. it was an amazing moment on this little blog as the bickering and partisanship continued around us.
4. dudes. i went to italy! 2012 - get outta here! my favorite post from that time was our day in portofino,  where i reflected on a friend i had lost and how i wanted to live my life. it's been one i have turned back to a lot through the year.
5. this little post that evolved out of a stolen moment on the subway was another affirmation of why i love blogging and it's ability to force you to reflect. i loved your responses and hearing about your own growing pains and time as a teenager.
6. my shoe museum! i'm not a big d.i.y. person, but i couldn't say no to this. i had so much fun sharing this with you guys and the comments from this led to the shoe stories series. i can't wait to see what shoes 2013 brings us ;)
7. this post was my most personal one, hands down. i was nervous and scared but i wanted to get it off my chest. and this was the post where some long-time readers, who never comment, commented on and shared their own frustrations and struggles. it was humbling to say the least. again, best readers ever, hands down.
8. the shoe stories started and this is my favorite so far. as they continue into 2013 i need to reach out to readers and ask them to submit one, as i'd love to hear them. i've already reached out to one little lady so let's hope she puts pen to paper soon (you know who you are!)

as for the best recipes i've posted this year? these are the tired and true, the ones i've made over and over again. you can't miss...
1. this meatloaf i've made since college. it's the bombdotcom. for reals.
2. i treat myself to this twice a year. it will fill your arteries...with deliciousness!
3. on my weeknights i turn to this recipe and this recipe. both take one pan. both are healthy. both are delicious. make it happen people.
4. and for after dinner, this simple and amazing summer pie i look forward to making again while these healthier chocolate chip cookies are always in rotation - my favorite recipe that i shared with you guys.

and now, let's close this out with some of my favorite pictures of 2012 in no particular order (of which there are far too many). i travelled to great places, i ate some great food and shucks if i didn't do it in great shoes ;) thank you for another amazing year guys, i think 2013 will bring us some pretty special things. call it a hunch ;)



  1. SUCH a great one! I love this blog and I LOVE YOU!

    You are such a sincere, positive, honest person and for that reason, I am so glad I found you. CHEERS to the blog world for bringing us together! Real life friends FOREVER.

    Keep doing what you're doing, Colleen. I think you're the awesomest. :)

    1. FOREVER indeed. and as for being the awesomest - right back at cha.

  2. So enjoyed going through your previous posts! I had all but forgotten about Brian baking truffles with a meat mallet and a barbeque fork! I think another recipe from him is definitely in order! As ever, your blog has been my one-stop shop for laughter, reflection and NY-living envy! Here’s hoping 2013 has much of the same! Thanks for this wonderful blog Colleen!

    1. thank you so much! i'm always so amazed by all the different interior design inspiration you find and love that i read a london-based blog. it makes me feel so much cooler (even if i'm not)

  3. You really did have an awesome 2012, Colleen! So many exciting travels and good food and awesome outfits (and shoes!). I'm excited for another year of following along through your blog and living your NYC life vicariously through you :) And yes, please more shoe posts and recipes from Brian!!

    1. i know - going back over that recipe i was laughing SO HARD. i need him to share another with us.

  4. Yay! What a great year! I've thoroughly enjoyed your honest posts and genuine voice throughout the year. I cannot wait to see what 2013 holds for you!

    1. thanks lady - i have so enjoyed getting to know you this year through the internets. we should really try to connect in nyc sometime!

  5. I loved this 2012 recap. It's nice to see both pictures and important posts from the last year. You had a pretty amazing 2012 - here's hoping 2013 is even more awesome for you! :)

  6. I loved this recap!! (I know, I'm wayyy late on saying so) I like hearing what were your favorite posts and it was fun to reminisce since I've read ALL of them, since I've been following you for all of 2012! how crazy is that?? So glad to have met you Colleen! I'm so thankful for blogging!


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