Wednesday, February 27, 2013

on semi-fried chicken.

oh buttermilk. you have won me over. the moistness! my cakes. now my chicken. consider me a believer. i just didn't know what i was missing before. after making this cake last weekend, i had some leftover buttermilk i needed to use, which led me to this oven-fried chicken recipe. while i came across a few oven-fried chicken recipes that had no frying at all, i thought this one, with just a little bit of frying, might be the happy medium. so here is a recipe to knock your socks off and not damage your heart too much. i like to call it:
fried chicken: not a lot baby girl, just a little bit.
below are all the ingredients you need, plus the chicken. pretty simple stuff, folks.
soak your chicken in a large bowl in the buttermilk overnight (the most important step). i had about 1 to 1.5 pounds of chicken, which i soaked in two cups of buttermilk. when ready to cook, heat oil in a large stockpot as you mix the dry ingredients, then proceed to coat each piece of chicken with the flour mixture. when the oil is hot enough, fry pieces of chicken, three minutes on each side (until golden brown), before placing on a wire rack set on a sheet pan (it's important they're set on the rack so the bottoms don't get soggy as you bake them, rather than fry them). my first frying attempt did not go so well, while my second one turned out great. so, i put my first piece back in the pot and re-fried until each side was golden brown, about a minute or two each side. what i'm saying is - don't be afraid to re-fry. as if you would.
pop the pan into a 350 degree oven for 30 to 40 minutes (i did 30), and then you're done. i served with a side of string beans to help keep it light.
this chicken was delicious, ridiculously moist, a good alternative to straight up fried chicken, and a simple weeknight meal. if you've got some extra buttermilk you need to use, i strongly suggest you check out this recipe. you won't be disappointed.


  1. Om nom nom nom... my empty fridge (and stomach) are jealous

  2. Ooh yummy. I can totally do that. Fried chicken scares me, but this seems doable!

  3. Oh, I love chicken. And this looks AMAZEBALLS.

  4. Y-U-UU-MMY! I am ALWAYS looking for ways to use up my leftover buttermilk, because I always buy a whole carton just to use 1/2 a cup for a recipe and then have it sitting in my fridge for 18 years. I've never fried my own chicken, but this recipe just might be the perfect excuse to try it out!


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