Friday, February 8, 2013

on a shoe story: volume vi.

my first guest shoe story! my first guest post ever!'s from someone who doesn't have a blog!
breaking down barriers here on otbc.
when i first started shoe stories and my writing began to take shape, i knew my friend tina had her own shoes to share that would make a good shoe story. i'm hoping there will be many guests over the years who share their own stories after she kicks us off today.
so without further ado...
I once heard that before you're considered a true New Yorker, you have to make yourself over at least once. For the life of me, I can't remember who said it; it probably came from a rom com starring Amanda Bynes or something. Believe me, I'm well versed in her catalogue of work. But regardless of where it came from, it stuck with me.
Don't get me wrong, I like my personal style a lot. A little bit preppy, a little bit boho, a little bit bombshell, a great love of color. In the shoe department, however, I've always been a flats kind of gal (yes, Colleen, I know). Whether it's a ballet flat or a t-strap sandal or a leopard print hair calf loafer (yes, I own a pair and yes, they're my favorite), I've always gravitated to shoes that keep me squarely on the ground.
But then I moved to New York. And I started working for a fashion company. I knew there was no way I could get away with flats everyday when I was surrounded by willowy women in wedges and sling backs and stilettos (oh my!) day in and day out. I needed to join the heel-clad, working women of New York City. I needed to make myself over. At least from the ankles down.
But where to start? Enter my trusty friend Pinterest. I happened to be perusing the boards one night, as you do, and in between pinning YET ANOTHER inspiration still of the living room I'll never have and a recipe for kale salad, I found them. Oxblood. Suede. Stacked heel. Rounded toe with a little platform. High but not too high. I had to have them. And because the internet is a wonderful place, I did have them, delivered to me a few short days later.
And I love them. I'm not going to lie and say that I magically adjusted to wearing heels in a day and I wear them all the time and my life is changed forever. My feet KILLED the first day I wore them. But I am wearing them more often now, and every time I look down at those pretty red shoes, they bring a smile to my face. I walk a little taller when I wear them (in the literal and figurative sense). And they won't be my last pair.
So have I made myself over now? Can I call myself a true New Yorker? Not quite. But I'm on my way. At least in the shoe department.


  1. THIS WAS THE BEST. I hung onto to every word!

    No, but seriously, I want Tina to start a blog. I told her so over wine and man meat that one time. And this makes me want her to start one more than ever.

    A great edition to the shoe shoe story collection! LOVED!

    1. yes - I agree, she totally needs a blog!

      also, can I say how thrilled I am that my friends now call charcuterie man meat? all started by my friend Katie in Jackson Hole. it's truly awesome (and she should be proud).

  2. Loved this!! I second Anna - Tina should totally start a blog. I don't know her but she sounds great :) Love the idea of guest post shoe stories! Tina nailed it. Those pumps are amazing!

    1. again - agree, agree. about her own blog and the shoes!

  3. So fun! Those certainly are makeover shoes! Gorgeous!

    I third (fourth, fifth etc) the movement for Tina to start a blog. She is quite the writer! OTBC launches internet stars! :)

  4. Tina, I bow down to you and your oxblood suede beauties (they are gorgeous)! I have also always been a strictly flats girl, but like New York, London dictates at least one makeover and I have always loved the look of high heels so it was a no-brainer that I give them a try. It's a work in progress and I still wear trainers to restaurants and social events and change in the bathroom but at least I don't feel like I am going to fall over just standing in them. I fourth the movement for Tina to start a blog!

  5. yay guest post shoe stories! This was a solid start - these shoes are awesome and I love Tina! I like that fun fact that a true New Yorker has had a makeover. Colleen what's yours??


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