Friday, March 29, 2013

on a few spring favorites.

hello lovely readers! today it truly, really, feels like spring out there - finally! so what better way to kick off the season then talk about all the lovely pieces currently catching my eye and inspiring me. i know it's been a bit quiet on the blog, so it feels good getting back into the groove today - just what spring was intended for.
Spring Favorites

1. after using a duffel bag hundreds of weekends to go see brian, and now to spend time in his brooklyn apartment than my manhattan apartment, i've decided i need to invest in a nice, leather weekender. i wish i had done it a long time ago, but alas. a few great ones have caught my eye, including this tory burch one. way out of my price range, but a girl can dream, right?
2. and dreaming brings us to number two. these saint laurent shoes are the epitome of a well made shoe - so simple, yet so stunning beautiful. the curve and arch of the heel makes me swoon, and the black and white is so very on trend. lamb makes a less expensive (but still quite expensive) version. i'll be keeping my eye out for shoes like this that are a little friendlier to my wallet.
3. when i first saw this bag at j. crew i thought it was beautiful. then the website kindly informed me that it's real python, hand-painted, and had the price tag to match. maybe i'll catch it on sale with an extra 30% that j. crew likes to do? or maybe i'll keep dreaming. le sigh.
4. it's official, i can't give mint up. and my favorite is when it's paired with gold - a match made in heaven. i like these, along with this version from etsy.
5. i have one pair of patterned shorts that i love, but normally i shy away from shorts. my legs, never my favorite of my body, are a little thicker, shall we say. but those same legs have taken me through 10Ks and half-marathons and biked me across vineyards of south africa so you know what - i still love them (thickness and all). these cream and light baby blue shorts would be perfect for spring - maybe if i pair them with a high wedge i could pull them off. and if you've got a great set of gams - these shorts are for you.
6. oh art deco design. you'll never let go of my heart, will you? i've never ordered anything from bauble bar, but this bracelet might be my breaking point.
7. finally - something at j. crew i can afford! and it's currently 25% and ships for free. this swimsuit would look great on a honeymoon, don't you think ;)


  1. ALL OF THE THINGS! I want them all! But can we be honeymoon bathing suit twinsies?

  2. I've always wanted to be one of those glamorous "adults" who travels with a gorgeous leather weekender, but somehow I am still schlepping around my lime green duffel bag when I go places.

    I also agree with your shorts love/hate. I don't 100% love my legs, but they get the job done, so I might as well show them off when it finally warms up around here. I want to get some nicer pairs this summer, so I can wear them to work (even though my mother's voice will be screaming in the back of my mind about how inappropriate it is).

    Cute bathing suit! I hope wedding planning is as fun as honeymoon planning :)

    1. oh my mom would be saying the same thing. and wedding planning is ok...but honeymoon planning is the best!

  3. I love that bag and heels. I really like black and white combos and I'm excited that I'm seeing it around more.

    My legs are also my least favorite part of my body. I have a tiny waist, so buying pants is always an annoyance. I haven't worn shorts since high school really. I can never seem to find a pair that isn't going up my butt. :)

    1. oh I have the same exact problem - I feel ya girl!

  4. Gorgeous pieces. That statement cuff is amazing. I would love to have that piece.

    I would love for you to stop by my blog to check out my latest outfit post, I'd love to know what you think!

  5. Oh I wish I could afford that leather duffel! SO pretty and classy. And you should definitely get that bathing suit. I love the pop of color against the black and white stripes. It made me excited that you said honeymoon - you're GETTING MARRIED!!

    1. I know!!!!! it's very fun to think of myself going on a honeymoon :)


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