Thursday, July 18, 2013

on duck for dinner.

i have been wanting to make this recipe for a long time - it only takes a few spices and a little time in the oven, which reminds me of my favorite recipe of all time. additionally, the spices are a combination of savory and sweet - doesn't get better in my book. except this time it gets real fancy, because we're using duck. naturally, this recipe for sugar-and-spice skillet-roasted duck breasts comes from food and wine, a favorite source in these parts. in addition to the spices below you'll need some salt and some sugar (the recipe doesn't specify, but I used brown sugar).
after mixing together your spices, sprinkle salt on the duck breast (both sides), then sprinkle the sugar-and-spice mixture all over the duck breast. i just used one large duck breast, a little over a pound, for both brian and myself.
cook in the skillet for five minutes, skin-side down, flip the breast and cook for two more minutes before popping the skillet into the oven for five minutes at 350 degrees. let it rest for five minutes after it's done, then slice that sucker up and voile: a fancy dinner in about 15 minutes that will have people thinking you're the next julia child (at least they should, right?).
duck is usually served rare, so you can always cook it longer, but trust me this was delicious.
an easy to make, delicious, low-carb, lean protein (don't eat the skin and it's no different than chicken) - yes please. one i'll be making as often as my salmon most likely - enjoy!


  1. Look at you fancy lady! I'm impressed that you can cook duck! I would never have attempted to do that. It does sound pretty easy though, at the same time giving you Julia Child status. Win-win!

  2. I bought duck breasts a few years ago with big plans for them but they sat in my freezer intimidating the crap out of me for months until I conceded defeat and threw them away. You have tempted me to try my hand...

  3. A) I love duck!! B) that looks AMAZE!!! C) thanks for making cooking duck look attainable! I might even give it a try :)


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