Tuesday, July 23, 2013

on my weekend in pictures.

this weekend, as you can see, was food heavy. what you don't see, however, is the friday night and all day saturday marriage prep class we took (i didn't think photos of a church's basement would really be that exciting). in the catholic church we do pre cana, essentially a weekend of counseling, and it's required before you get married. it's supposed to get couples to open up about all sorts of stuff (from morality to sex to communication), raise any red flags and ask the age old question: are you going to open a joint banking account? it's very much a secular weekend, with little to do with catholicism, and i often think it would be helpful if anyone applying for a marriage license took the class but alas, 'tis not to be. anyways, we "passed", or should i say we went through the class with no red flags, and can now cross off step 14 of the required 56 steps it takes to get married in the catholic church. if you want to know what stresses me out, it's getting all of that done. so many forms to sign and hoops to jump through, and no one at the church returns your e-mails or voicemails. it's super fun ;)
but i digress.
after that we (and by that i mean brian) discovered an italian deli in brooklyn that was where dreams come true. prepared foods, a butcher, bread with prosciutto baked into it, homemade vodka sauce! i mean, it was a dream. a dream i will be revisiting in the near future. and on sunday the hits kept coming as we brunched in red hook and followed it up with a huge slice of chocolate cake that lasted us a couple of days. it was glorious. perhaps i need to bribe my church's secretary with some so she'll actually acknowledge my existence! now that's an idea...


  1. All that food looks so delicious and even though I just ate I'm hungry again nom nom.

  2. All of that food looks maaaarvelous. We didn't do pre cana as we are not catholic, but we did pre-marital counseling with the pastor who married us & his wife, and I highly recommend something of the sort for any couple getting married. I felt like we had talked about most things before since we had dated for a while, but there were some things that we discussed that were really helpful to be prepared for in marriage. It was really good.

    back to the food - OMG prosciutto in bread. I need to have that right now.

  3. I am now pining for chocolate cake!!! My mom was Catholic and my dad is Methodist and they got married in the Methodist church and my mom found out later that her church wouldn’t recognise their marriage! They ended up having to get re-married in the Catholic church. My mom had to go through Confirmation classes and my dad had to have “lessons”. I was about 10 and went around school telling my friends my parents just got married – they were mortified! Hope it’s plain sailing from here on out for you. It was so easy getting married in a Registry office, we just had to swear we weren’t related and that was that!

  4. Yay for foodie weekends - the best kind. I love that you guys did the marriage prep thing too, of course in our case it was done by my dad (weird I know) since he's a pastor. I think I remember that we did pretty good :) Definitely a great tool to help people be ready when the day comes! Good luck with all the prep and don't get too stressed out, on the day of none of that will matter except you two. And cake :) xo


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