Wednesday, July 31, 2013

on subway inspiration.

new york is a fashionable city, no doubt about that. but not everyone is a fashion-plate, and not every fashion-plate is necessarily inspiring. but every now and then i'll look up from my book or my phone or the sidewalk and see someone who put together an outfit in a way that would have never crossed my mind. those people are the real fashion-plates to me. and on monday a young man, so dapper (i love dapper men, keep it up boys), got on the train with a baby blue blazer, covering a tartan blue shirt and a baby blue polka dot tie. paired with tailored khakis and loafers, he was the definition of a fashion-plate - tartan and polka dots would seem to clash, but he pulled it off effortlessly.
sidenote: isn't it so nice
to see dapper men making
a comeback?
so glad the baggy jeans
trend is no longer in effect.
so here is my ode to him, with my tartan coming from the one and only, chanel. when playing outside the rules of fashion we might as well turn to a classic to mute the effect a little, no?


  1. Love this outfit! And my adoration of tartan knows no bounds. Can it please be autumn already??? My flannel is calling :) xo

  2. If only this dapper young man knew he was the inspiration for all your readers for tartan + polka dots!

  3. London is over-run with dapper looking men at the moment! I thank H&M as their new mens line is quirky and fun (although I must admit that I would never see Jordan is anything dapper – he was a pioneer of the baggy jeans trend). That’s such a cute outfit you put together.

  4. All of the love for dapper men! They make the world a more beautiful place. As does that skirt.


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