Wednesday, September 25, 2013

on my weekend in pictures {a week late}.

almost two weeks ago i  had...wait for it...a surprise bridal shower!
so let's talk about bridal showers.
but first let's talk about this blog. september at work has been busy - two big projects due after labor day, a trip to boston, a trip to baltimore tomorrow, weekends spent with family and at weddings and, of course, finishing the final stages of planning my wedding. i have to intention to stop blogging or to make it a habit to blog this infrequently - in fact, i already have posts written that i'm just too tired to edit, and a few more in my head i'm just too tired to write. but this too shall pass, and after tomorrow's trip, hopefully quite soon.
so. bridal showers. for whatever reason, they have never been my jam. never my thing. i enjoy going to them to a certain extent - any time i'm hanging out with women i love and admire is pretty much my happy place. yet at the same i feel woefully awkward and a bit out of place and like i just want to stay in a corner with a glass of wine muttering smart ass comments. i can't put my finger on it, it's just one of my many oddities that make up who i am. so after my engagement i decided i didn't want a shower and that was that and my mom seemed ok with it. whew. bullet dodged. i did stipulate, however, that if my aunts really wanted to put one on i wouldn't stop them - with 20 nieces and nephews they have been waiting a long time for someone to get engaged and, lucky me, i was the first. so, lo and behold, they did not want to be stopped. as my godmother lovingly told me at the shower, it's not really what i want, which is fair to be quite honest. these are women who have changed my diaper, let me sleep at their houses countless numbers of times, sent a card for every birthday, bailed me out when i have forgotten my wallet at home while in the city and the list goes on. it was easy to tell my friends i'd prefer not to have one and move on - i knew my relatives would be harder to sway, and that's fine by me. so as the weeks went on it became quite apparent i would be having a shower - for starters, i don't live under a rock, my family never has girl brunches, and my sister never randomly decides to visit on the very weekend my mother came to town.
what a coincidence!, they told me. 
if only they could have felt my eyes roll over the phone.
but from a distance it was so fun to see them all scurrying around and making excuses and plans and fake plans and plan b - it was easy to see they were having fun with it, and that made me happy. i feigned surprise that sunday a couple of weeks ago, drank some tasty champagne, and opened up presents much to their delight.
weddings are about a lot of people, marriages are about two. if there are ever lessons to learn when you're a bride, that's a big one. and to always have champagne at the ready (naturally).


  1. Aw that's so sweet of them :) I especially like the champs and the LOVE mugs! I like bridal showers, but I'm not sure I'm going to like being the center of attention at one meep.

    1. it is a bit odd being the center of attention but then again...good preparation for your wedding day!

  2. So fun! Your family sounds awesome. 20 grandchildren! We have 15 on my mom's side and I thought that was a lot.

    I loved what you said about weddings being about multiple people, and marriage being about two. I honestly do think that people who you love and who love you deserve to celebrate with you when something big happens in your life. It's good that you are spending this time humoring your family, because once you say "I do" the rest of the future really is only about you and Brian!

    1. thank you! i really do feel that way and have tried to refocus myself on that at all times. i see so many couples focused on what reflects us, what we want, us, us, us. it's a party for many people who want all sorts of things out of the day is well - i'm trying to focus on how to dictate my marriage instead, and not to have the "perfect" wedding that is all about us.

  3. So sweet!! I feel ya on the shower thing but they somehow end up being wonderful anyway because, like you said, family time is never a bad thing. It looked beautiful! xo


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