Thursday, October 3, 2013

on a birthday party for prosciutto.

last week brian and i went to the best birthday party we've ever been to - a 50th birthday party for prosciutto. chefs from around nyc made little bites that incorporated prosciutto for the event. from pizza to ice cream to breakfast sausage, they had it all. and it was all amazing.
the setting of the party was beautiful as well - a patio filled with twinkling lights on one of the last mild nights of the year (although this warm october week is making me quite happy).
and finally there was this guy, who we watched all night long. he hand-sliced very thin pieces of prosciutto throughout the party, and he kind of amazed me. he explained that it takes about five to six years to learn how to slice prosciutto in that manner, and he was about three years in. he was, however, complaining that the prosciutto had gotten too soft and he just wasn't cutting it well. i told him it still impressed me and he said...are you ready...please prepare for awesomeness...i'm just glad none of the PROSCIUTTO GUYS are here because they would be laughing at me. dudes. there are apparently prosciutto guys in new york, like just a bunch of prosciutto cutting experts that hang out in this city. WHAT?! could you be any cuter AND badass AND amazing?
next mission: find the prosciutto guys. infiltrate their group. become their best friend. who's with me?


  1. Great birthday party or greatest birthday party?!

  2. I am pretty sure that sounds like the best kind of birthday party ever. Now I'm craving salty pork parts!

    1. I know! putting these pics together made me want to reach for a piece of prosciutto that was, sadly, not there.

  3. YUM. Looks like so much fun. And also, you met the guy who knows the prosciutto guys, so you basically know them too, right??

  4. Maaaaaaaaaaan. OM NOM NOM! Best party ever indeed, heh heh. Prosciutto is just...OOF, amirite? Hee!

  5. I'm so jealous! This sounds amazing. I'll be on the lookout for those prosciutto guys!

  6. Sounds amazing!! Lucky gal you are! Also you look fantastic in glasses! Love! xo


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