Wednesday, October 30, 2013

on favorite kitchen aids.

as brian and i have merged homes before our wedding and made some necessary upgrades, a few new kitchen tools have become indispensable for us. here are my favorites - every kitchen could benefit from the addition of these.
Favorite Kitchen Gadgets
1. kyocera perfect peeler - the only one on which i'll be specific about the brand. for years i have struggled with finding a good peeler. i know that makes me sound like a 50's housewife who needs to get a hobby, but i love baking. and i love roasting vegetables. and for the past couple of years i have skipped peeling (apples), or painstakingly peeled with a knife (here's looking at you butternut squash). i finally decided to do some deep research, took a chance on this, and let me tell you: life-changing. it has peeled apples,  potatoes, carrots, squash and eggplant without breaking a sweat. for the next bridal shower i'm headed to, the invite asked each guest to bring a small kitchen gadget with them, and this is the one i'm bringing. it's amazing - do yourself a favor and pick one up before pie-baking season truly commences.
2. tongs - tongs, tongs, tongs, i love tongs. i have moved from plastic to all metal kitchen tools, and in that transition finally added tongs to my repertoire. if you've ever watched giada on the food network, you see her use for seemingly everything - flipping meat on the grill pan, mixing spaghetti with sauce, plating roasted vegetables, and the list goes on. she convinced me i needed tongs, and boy was she, and i, right. i like tongs because they give you much more control rather than a spatula or spoon. when i can, i substitute using these as opposed to another kitchen tool.
3. bodum 'eileen' frenchpress - while any frenchpress will do, i love the functionality and and beauty of this one. i drink coffee and brian doesn't, and with precious counterspace in our little kitchen, a coffeemaker just didn't make sense. not to mention that i usually grab coffee at work and only make it on the weekends. this solves all problems and looks good enough to bring out when you have guests. it comes in silver, too, but i'm partial to gold. either way, a frenchpress is a great addition for those of us that don't make coffee every day but would like the option.
4. herb mincer - really effective, as in takes ten seconds as opposed to the minute it normally takes to chop herbs. and when you chop those herbs you just get tired and figure - good enough. i know saving a minute isn't that big of a deal, but give me a useful, efficient tool that can do my job a million times better, and i'm in.
5. aerator - brian's sister got us an aerator this year and while it sounds frivolous, we friggin' love it. it makes wine taste a lot better (always a benefit if you have a glass or two a week like us, and not the whole bottle), and it's just fun to play around with. we often do mini wine tastings of aerated and non-aerated wine - silly, but we're adults and it's a weekday. we'll take our kicks where we can get them, ya know? since this is a "little luxury" and not necessarily a need, it could make a great hostess or housewarming gift as well.
6. batter bowl - the one i don't have just yet! i used to have plastic mixing bowls with a helpful little spout as seen above, but moved to metal mixing bowls this year. again, a luxury, but pouring batter into cake pans or forming pancakes is just a mite easier with this - i miss that spout! plus, yes, it's just plain old good looking. i hope to add this puppy to my kitchen soon.
if you have any other "musts" in your kitchen, share them below!


  1. LOVE the batter bowl. I want that. Real bad.

  2. yeah - the free shipping from pretty much guarantees it's gonna be in my kitchen by the end if the year haha.

  3. My favorite batter bowl is the glass Pampered Chef one! I use it every time I bake. It's a perfect size, allows you to measure liquids right in the bowl, and it also comes with a lid in case you're prepping ahead of time and want to store some batter in the fridge for awhile. Amaaazing.

    Now I want that herb slicer! Would save so much time!

    1. that's awesome. our metal mixing bowls have the measurements and lids but no spout damnit!

  4. That french press is to die for! So beautiful. Joe and I have FOUR different coffee makers... we're kind of coffee junkies. I've cut back to one cup since I'm pregnant, but already can't wait to get fully caffeinated after baby is here :)

  5. four!!! wow, you are definitely being good with the one cup - baby better get here quick ;)

  6. The wooden spoon! It was one of my first kitchen purchases for the apartment. Bob and I had a joke about wooden spoons (it's one of those things where you had to be there or else it's not funny) and now we have like, 5 of them. Would you believe sometimes 5 is still not enough?

  7. I'm so intrigued by the aerator! I would be doing taste tests too to make sure it is doing something :) My favorite kitchen tool is a Microplane cheese grater. My boyfriend has taught me that cheese is an ingredient and not just a garnish, so we use ours all the time. Unfortunately, the plastic handle broke (overuse?) so I can't wait to upgrade the all metal one.

  8. Now I need to try that specific peeler. I don't think anyone has ever recommended one so strongly before:)

  9. Completely agree! Especially with the tongs and the aerator! Couldn't live without either!


    Erin @


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