Wednesday, October 16, 2013

on my weekend, kind of sort of, and unrelated pictures.

this weekend was pretty low-key – lots of cleaning, an amazing dinner with a girlfriend, and a huge, huge amount of reality tv. yes, that’s right – brian was out of town (for his bach party!), so i was able to watch approximately 55 hours of reality tv. it was truly a delight. so instead of the usual weekend round-up, let’s just ramble on, shall we?

last night i was out in the west village waiting for some friends, and the west village. oh, the west village. it's the most magical and wonderful of all the new york neighborhoods, and we can all profess to love our east villages, and fort greenes, and park slopes, and astorias, and upper west sides (actually no one says they love the upper west side - stroller city! - but moving along), yet deep down if we all could, we'd live in the west village. cobblestone streets, brownstones as far as the eye can see, ivy-covered buildings, dimly lit bars and cozy restaurants abound. and i sat there and thought - why don't i just live in the west village?! and then a bentley pulled up and the driver leapt out to open the door for the passenger and i was like oh yeah, that's why i don't live in the west village. i'm not a billionaire.
brian and i recently got a new vacuum cleaner and it’s righteous – it also comes with a special attachment just for hardwood floors! can you believe it?! it’s stuff like this though that makes me feel oh so old and a little depressed. after vacuuming i sat down and had a beer with my reality tv show binge because i’m an adult and i can do that and being an adult is fun in cool ways, too. i immediately felt better. take that adulthood!

sweets season, also known as holiday season, is in full gear. first, mallomars are being sold. second, i found a rogue box of entemann’s devil’s food chocolate donuts at target and snapped that shit up. (it really has nothing to do with sweets season as they're sold year-round, but let's keep this thought going). my target never has them and they are the best. the. best. beyond, just so beyond. and what say you – devil’s food or the regular yellow cake chocolate donuts? (yes, you will be judged for your answer).

we recently discovered that our local priest hadn’t sent in the paperwork to our virginia church, paperwork we had given him a month ago. it was super delightful for him to hear from me, and fun for me to use every curse word in my set of vocabulary. two days later the paperwork was in virginia and i went to confession, so i think we’re all good.

remember when i posted a recipe from brian? i really need to do that again. he recently told me he was mixing up ingredients for a salad in a bucket – stuff like that is too good not to share. and how do you mistake a bowl for a bucket? the mystery of the male mind.

we are only a few weeks away from our wedding guys! i feel like i need to do more posts about it. like we’re close enough that we can all indulge me while i turn this into a wedding blog for a hot minute.
i studied abroad in Denmark, which led to a delightful and mature discovery that the word “fart” is a real word in danish – it's not just used to be funny - and it means speed. i recently learned that the town i lived in while studying abroad has set up a fun and informative page for tourists. you can just go to to see some of the cool sites. and that’s all I have to say about that.


  1. Ha, I like this random post! First of all, the occasional weekend when a fiance/husband is gone can be quite nice. I get soooo lazy, and do all sorts of silly girly things that would make him roll his eyes. Reality TV is a necessity during that time!

    Do turn this into a wedding blog for a quite minute! Or, if you don't, I want multiple posts after the wedding, describing every last detail. I love weddings, and mine was so long ago, so I have to live vicariously at this point. I regularly ask Joe if we can marry each other again someday :)

    I looked at West Village on the map, and discovered I've been basically to the neighborhoods all around it-- SoHo, Meatpacking District, and whatever you call it around Washington Square Park. I'll have to get to the West Village at some point, though, to see the charm. And to fantasize that I can have a driver in a Bentley take me home to my amazing brownstone.

    And my last response... sweets!! I always like them, but have had a fierce sweet tooth since I got pregnant. Even when I wasn't feeling good, I still wanted sweets! I'm trying to be mindful and limit myself at this point, but as this holiday season kicks off, this could get ugly. Delicious, and ugly!

  2. I love that you yelled at your priest. Do not get between this girl and her wedding :)

    Please grace us with more wedding posts!

    1. and it's like one of those things we neeeeed to get done. if the flowers don't arrive on time, if the dress rips, the show will go on, ya know. but jesus mary and joseph! we need that church haha!

  3. Oh you are too funny. YES to more Brian recipes. And yes to posts about the wedding!


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