Friday, October 11, 2013

on some favorite fall accessories.

clothing options this fall haven't done much for me - it just feels like a rehash of last fall. accessories however - well i have really been loving on them. some of my favorites are below - enjoy and have a wonderful weekend friends!
Fave Fall Accessories
1. kate spade bracelet - i've wanted a lucite bangle for years, but the perfect one has eluded me. until now. with the touch of gold, i'm pretty sure this was made for me. it's currently marked down at nordstrom, but i'm waiting for it to drop more because that's how my mama raised me.
2. kate spade gloves - i waver with my feelings for leather gloves on ladies. i mean, obviously if they're opera length, i'm in. but in general, i just don't know. these though, i love. for sure. those zippers seal the deal.
3. j. crew earrings - i got these in white at the beginning of spring and have worn the heck out of them. at least a couple of times a week, these are on my ears. granted i bought them when j. crew had a 30% off everything weekend and i had a gift certificate, but trust - after knowing how much i wear them (and how many compliments i get!) i would have gotten these suckers either way. a best buy for any wardrobe.
4. ann taylor necklace - ann taylor's jewelry section is currently crushing it, and this is one of my favorites (or is it this one?! so many choices!) everything is also 40% off right now. just sayin'. 
5. cape - capes capes capes. i love capes. particularly those trimmed with fur. while wearing fur is not for me, i do admit that sometimes i love admiring it. this is one of those instances. once it snows, this would be perfect to break out of the closet.
6. gigi new york clutch - this clutch is, for me, perfection. i love it's larger size (that's what she said). i love the python texturing. i love that you can get it monogrammed. i love that freakin' tassel. and the color! oh that color green. only problem is it comes in a lot of great colors (burgundy! grey! taupe!) which one to go with?


  1. Stop everything and give me that cape. I need that immediately. It's beyond perfect.

  2. The clutch is marvelous! I mean just look at the color! Like a Christmas tree <3


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