Wednesday, December 18, 2013

on favorite (unseen) details.

or, specifically, these are some things that won’t be captured by the camera. i thought i would share them here.

the family involvement in our ceremony was a big priority for us. outside of our bridal party, the extra tasks for our wedding: readings, special songs, bringing up the gifts, and so on, was done by family. three of my favorite moments came from this, including…
  • my little cousin performing a reading, and as she did a photo from the thanksgiving that i was a sophomore in high school flashed through my mind – we’re both dead asleep on a chair together and she’s only ten months old, nestled into my side. look at us now!
  • my aunt read what is called the prayers of the faithful – essentially just prayer requests that are read at every catholic mass. you’re able to write them yourself for your wedding, and the last request was a prayer for brian and i during which her voice started breaking and she started crying. it was the only time i truly cried during our ceremony, like, almost ugly cried, and i made sure to quickly recover, but damn. sneak attack by my sentimental aunt.
  • my other aunt is very involved with the church and sings at her church often – she played a few songs for the ceremony, most notably “May the Road Rise Up to Meet You”. it’s an old irish prayer and song, and while she played it we kept smiling at each other. moments like that are hard to come by, and i got three in about 45 minutes!
when we started talking about our reception, i begged brian to change into a white dinner jacket. it’s so classy, rarely done, and it helps set the groom apart – i know everyone is very focused on the bride, but hey, it’s his day too! (i also think brian is handsome enough to pull this look off, if i do say so myself). and, of course, it goes with my whole obsession with timeless glamour. after much hemming and hawing he finally agreed – then once he tried it on it was like seeing a conversion. he loved it, and i was so excited for him to wear it. when he changed into it for our reception, nearly every single person made a comment – how handsome he was, how he looked like Leonardo di Caprio, how they felt like they were back in the 40’s, how awesome it was, how they had never seen that before, and so on and so forth. almost every single male guest i’ve talked to since the wedding, which has been numerous, has let out a dreamy sigh and looked at me while saying “and what about that white coat, huh? wow.” turns out men like to be a little glamorous, too. so thank you brian for indulging me - i’ve never done you wrong and i even made you the belle of the ball at our wedding. can’t say I never did nothin’ for ya.
at 10 PM our reception venue brought out pigs in a blanket and little cones of fries. yes. mam.
cake tasting. for the win. forever.
my bachelorette party for the win, forever. (okay, not everything is wedding day related).
one muggy afternoon in july, in the basement of a church, brian and i read letters to each other that the catholic church asked us write, one of the many requirements for the mandatory church pre-wedding counseling session. they were very touching and very personal and filled with hopes and plans and dreams. we were both emotional, and very honest, and it was one of my favorite moments that made clear to me what i want from our marriage. at that moment it was just the two of us, everyday people, fighting the good fight. while i hope we lead long and healthy lives together, there are unforeseen burdens in all our futures. the beauty of your engagement is that it puts reality on hold and, for just a bit, as you are surrounded by so much hope, love and joy from those close friends and family, you can really believe that all your dreams and plans will come true. and wherever the road takes us, no matter what, i will always have that moment - young and hopeful, standing at the edge, ready to take the plunge - to carry me through the unknown hard days ahead. and no photographer, no hashtags, no gowns, no cake, no floral arrangement could ever give me that.


  1. This made me smile. I love what you said at the end. Generally speaking, so much emphasis is put on having the perfect wedding that people tend to forget about the most important part - the marriage. Beautifully said.

    1. thanks jillian :) the wedding is fun, but sometimes it can be such a distraction from what really matters.

  2. This might be my favorite post. Shoot. I'm all weepy.

  3. Oh Colleen, this was so sweet! I love that you exchanged letters about your hopes and dreams for your marriage. What a special moment for you two. Also I loved the part about your family members' contributions to the ceremony. It's things like that that you remember from your wedding day.

    I noticed in one of your previous photos that Brian wore a white dinner jacket during the reception and I got so excited! My grandpa did the same thing at his wedding (in the 50s!) and I have always thought it looks SO classy and timeless. I bet Brian pulled it off well and looked oh so handsome!

    1. thank you :) i also really like writing and sharing those moments - so many memories fade as life goes on. i hope writing the details here will make it last forever.

      i am so tickled yo hear your grandpa did!!! i love that!!! god, man back then really make me swoon. if you get your looks from him i bet he looked like such a stunner. so classy and timeless - they really knew how to do it back then. i was lucky brian indulged me, haha!

  4. Oh my, Colleen! You are killing me with these wedding posts. Each is more spot on and touching than the last. Your writing is fabulous.

    And that white dinner jacket was GENIUS. "Belle of the ball". Love it!


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