Monday, December 23, 2013

on my weekend in pictures.

ahhh the weekend. it was filled with many adventures and, since we're just a few days before christmas, errands and chores and baking and the like. i was locked our of our apartment for a few hours and made friends with many people in the building, i had dinner with some old co-workers who i had been missing, brian took me to see the nutcracker after a very 'gift of the magi' moment when we both surprised the other with tickets to see the nutcracker (oops!), and we went to one my most favorite bars in new york - filled with surly regulars, a few broken souls looking for some salvation in whiskey, and a whole lot of no-bullshit attitudes. it's a complete dive and i completely love it. but the real highlight of the weekend? the annual christmas dessert party.
we started this a few years ago - a low key night where everyone brings over a different dessert and we just hang out, eat a little dinner, exchange a few gifts, and eat lots of dessert.
my creation this year was a buche de noel! or, as we americans call it, a yule log! it was easy to make but a little nerve-wracking because, hello, you're rolling up a cake. it turned out well, though brian did say it looked a little floppy. and it did. but it's a heck of a good start! so here's to more floppy yule logs in my future.
from tina we got some amazing pretzel bark and gingerbread truffles, while molly stepped it up with an old recipe from her family called martha washingtons. everything was a hit.
of course we took pictures, and giggled, and drank wine because we are women and that's what we like to do. fullstop.
and then we got weird...
...with some bows on our head. outstanding work if i do say so myself.
it's one of my favorite traditions, and it's a great way to kick off this amazing christmas week. i hope everyone had just as much fun - merry christmas everyone!


  1. Love this idea!! Lol at "floppy" :) I think it looks great! I will be attempting to "roll cake" today and I am all kinds of terrified. So wish me luck! So jealous you got to see the Nutcracker, I really wanted to go but we either needed a babysitter or a ticket for Birdie, neither of which worked :( Next year though! Merry almost Christmas! xoxo P.S. I'm terribly backed up on your posts but I promise to fix that real soon!

    1. good luck! it all is pretty easy and does work out the way the recipe says it will, but yes, still a little daunting.

  2. Your yule log looks delightful! I think next year my girlfriends and I need to get our ish together and do this. It's crazy! The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas we barely see each other!

    1. i know - we had to plan this a few weeks ahead. i think i had like ten days that worked but only one worked for all three of us. the craziness of the holiday season.

  3. Hi friend!!

    A few things...

    1) Were these pictures taken with your new camera? I think they were and I LOVE THEM. So crisp! So glorious.

    2) I love that Dave Matthews print on your wall. CLUTCH.

    3) You and Brian getting Nutcracker tickets for each other? I can't even. I love it so much.

    AAAAAAND 4) This night looks like so much fun. You girls! I love you all.

    XO, C! And the merriest Christmas to you! LOVE YOU!

    1. 1) yes - it is super exciting to use! i'm definitely not great at using manual, but we'll get there. brian is a little more into it than i am, but i'll take the AV setting any day of the week.

      2) thank you - i LOVE that print (and good attention to detail!) it's from a concert brian and i went together in mets stadium.

      3) i know. it was a bit much - oh to be newlyweds haha!

      4) it was awesome. we missed you of course. happiest of christmases nannerburns, i love you.

  4. Looks like the perfect cozy night in! That yule log looks amazing... who cares if it's floppy, I'd eat it!



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