Monday, December 9, 2013

on my weekends in pictures.

hey boo boos - i'm back! i'm back, i'm back, i'm back! as you can see, i took an extended vacation from blogging during the whole wedding/honeymoon/thanksgiving thing. but i'm back. i'm ready to read your blogs again, revel in your lives, and just enjoy the all around merriment that the season brings. over the next two weeks we're going to talk weddings, and honeymoon. and in a few weeks we will probably have official wedding week, i.e. - we get back all our pictures, now here's a hundred for you to look at. if you have zero interest in those topics, i encourage you to use the red x you see at the top of your screen to navigate far, far away. i use the same technique when reading potty training blog posts. maybe someday that will interest me, but today ain't that day. respect if that's how you feel about my topics.
the past few weekends though? we've been getting back into our time zone, definitely took me a good week to stop falling asleep at 7 PM like a grandma. we've been writing thank you notes, though we should probably be more diligent about it. we've been venturing out for a cocktail here and a brunch there - getting back into that new york swing and brushing up on our pop culture in general. we've obviously been decorating for the holidays and picking out christmas trees, braving target and baking pies and wrapping gifts and listening to nat king cole. all these things are happening and it's the best. i hope you're finding the season kind to you - feels good to be back.


  1. I've missed yoooooou. I can't wait to hear about everythingggggggg! And I can't WAIT for wedding week!! WEDDING WEEK!

  2. Yayyy you're back! Can't wait to hear about it all!

  3. You've been missed! Glad you're back to it. Can't wait to see those wedding pics...

  4. Welcome back! I've been dying for wedding details! Your honeymoon instagrams had me very jealous.

    Glad to see you are back in the NYC/holiday swing!


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