Friday, January 31, 2014

on getting to the islands.

last night brian gently reminded me that, and i quote, "we were all looking forward to thailand part 3. you know, we wanted to get to those islands, like you promised. alex hubbard and i are very disappointed." lol. so he reads here, and knows your names, and i am oh so sorry! these past few weeks a lot of what i've had to do for work has been centered on west coat events, making for very late hours. like the conference call i listened to at 10 PM last night. a real joy that was. so i'm going to post the pictures next week - but here's a taste!
oh man. was that the life.
but it's not all work! wednesday night my mom to came to town to celebrate her birthday, and we went to a keith urban concert - he was amazing! i've always been a fan of his music, the best to blast with the windows down on a long country road, but i wouldn't necessarily have gone to a concert of his. well, suffice to say, he was fabulous. you should definitely see him. one of my favorite moments was at the beginning, he scanned the crowd with a spotlight, looking for a good poster. one young lady was holding a poster that said "a stupid boy broke my heart".
sidenote: one of his songs
is titled "stupid boy".
so he brings her onstage - asks her about her ex-boyfriend, his name, where he goes to schoo, and so forth. so when she says his name - it is jason - the whole crowd starts booing. and when she says where he goes to school - rutgers university - the crowd boos again. can you imagine - with your broken heart in your hands - hearing thousands of people, all of madison square garden, boo your asshole ex-boyfriend?! i mean, is there a better way to get over a break-up?! i freaking loved it. if thousands of people had booed my college ex-boyfriend it really would have saved me a lot of grief. and then keith proceeded to give her a list of songs, she was allowed to pick one for him to play, and he serenaded her as she sang along. it was the best. everyone should be able to get over their ex that way - it would definitely result in a lot fewer broken hearts! so here's to keith urban, and to fixing broken hearts everywhere. have an awesome weekend!


  1. BRBcrying because Brian knows me. I can't wait for the islands. But LOL I wish I could have done that to my ex-boyfriend because he deserved it.

  2. Wow that story just made me love Keith even more! that is the absolute best way to get over a breakup. what a stud. and to go with your mom! how fun.

  3. i'm with brian, i'm ready for some island pictures! especially since my heart is longing for all things non-winter right about now.


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