Monday, January 13, 2014

on a homemade crumb cake.

i really don't have much to say about this weekend. i only wore workout clothes and leggings, never put on any makeup, never did my hair, and ate a lot of pizza. i decided to spare you pictures of the mundane and just jump into a recipe. while i'm hoping to also share some of thailand this week, i know i'm going to have a few late nights at work, so we'll see. without further ado - let's talk about this brown butter sour cream crumb cake.
our fridge doesn't usually have sour cream in it, since it's not a fave of brian and i, but i needed a tablespoon of sour cream for the yule log i made last month, and of course to get a tablespoon of one ingredient you need to buy a lot more than that. while looking around for ways to use it up, i stumbled upon this. and boy am i sure glad i did. the ingredients here are the usual suspects - flour, eggs, sugar, baking soda and so forth - plus the sour cream.
first, cube a stick of butter for your crumb topping. in a food processor, combine with flour, sugar, salt, and baking soda. i pulsed for about a minute until it combined, then took out large chunks, rolled it into a ball to make it more cohesive, and broke off little pieces. when you're done, put the plate with crumb topping pieces into the refrigerator as you assemble the rest of the cake.
next, melt a stick and a half of butter in a saucepan. the recipe says that after the solids turn brown, about five minutes of cooking, pour the butter into a bowl and put into the freezer to become firm but not hard, about 15 minutes. my solids didn't really turn brown, just melted (and i put the heat a little higher to try to make them brown), and it actually needed around 25 minutes in the freezer to firm up. everything turned out a-ok, so don't let that worry you.
assemble your dry ingredients, andwhen the butter is ready, combine it with the sugar, beating until light and fluffy. next, add the dry ingredients and half a cup of sour cream in alternating intervals.
pour the batter into your greased springform pan, then top with your crumbs.
bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, let the cake cool, remove it from the springform pan, and enjoy! halfway into our first bite brian and i turned to each other with wide eyes like damn, this is good. guess sour cream isn't too bad after all.


  1. Oh well that just looks delightful. Gimme some of dat.

  2. oh my this looks delicious! coffee cakes are one of my favorite breakfast treats. i always feel a little bit guilty making them for just caleb and me, but i might have to do it anyway because this recipe sounds so good. i love browned butter! it's always taken a little while longer than most recipes say for mine to actually brown, but waiting the extra time is always worth it in my opinion.

  3. Kurt and I have tacos often so there is usually some sour cream lurking in the fridge. I will have to try this cake sometime! (I've also added sour cream to cornbread for a more moist result.)


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