Friday, January 10, 2014

on a last dose of christmas.

i had totally forgotten about these photos until yesterday, and what better way to end this long and bitterly cold week then with a little christmas cheer? brian and i are slowly but surely (more him than me) are learning to use our new camera, so hopefully we can have more of these awesome pictures on the blog vs. all my instagram ones. seeing as how it was the first christmas we hosted, we really got into it (exhibit a is below). there is a tiny flower shop that opened around the time we moved in, and we both pass it every day on our way to and from the subway. we try to stop in here and there and buy a flower - their $3 roses this summer would last for weeks! - and it's nice to brighten up our home and support a little nearby business. so for christmas we asked them to make a bouquet for us to put into a new, very tall vase we had gotten as a wedding gift. they did such an amazing job, to say the least. the arrangement was absolutely stunning, and it added something special to our first christmas together. all in all, flowers or no, it was a successful morning, filled with delicious food, strong coffee, and gifts for all. nice moments to relive after a week that seemed to drag on and on. hope you all have wonderful, and cozy, weekends!


  1. thanks boo! it was so fun to have something like that in our home since it's usually just a single flower here and there. we really tried to celebrate baby Jesus in style this time around haha.

  2. the flowers, the Christmas china, the Christmas cocktails... I love it all! you really do not want Christmas season to end, do you haha

  3. What a hostess! I hope I can lure my family to NYC sometime and host the holidays. Not travelling for once sounds incredible. And I'm going to steal your "make friends with your florist" idea. Perfect!


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