Wednesday, February 12, 2014

on an american classic.

i haven't had onion dip in years, dare i say - decades. but after our recent trip to miami where we had some, i was really craving it. and i didn't want to just go out and buy a dip or spice packet, mix it into sour cream and call it a day. so, with some help from ina, i made the real deal. and it is fantastic.
you start with your basic heart stoping ingredients: mayo, sour cream, and cream cheese (admittedly, we'll only be enjoying this a few times a year). you will of course need onions, two large ones, and some regular pantry items: butter, vegetable oil, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper.
slice your onions very thin while you are heating/melting the butter and vegetable oil over medium heat in a sautee pan (i used my dutch oven). add your sliced onions, cayenne pepper, salt, and pepper, and sautee the onions for ten minutes. then, turn the heat to medium low and allow onions to caramelize and brown. the recipe says this will take twenty minutes, but i found it took much less time (and i let mine brown a little too much since brian and i like it that way - still less than twenty minutes). 
when your onions are done, let them cool while beating together your mayo, sour cream, and cream cheese until smooth. stir the onions in and just like that you have a homemade, much better tasting, american classic onion dip.
and, a recent discovery - we ate ours with utz natural gourmet medley chips. i don't snack much on chips but i bought these during one of our recent plane adventures and we both loved them. they are so, so delicious, and a little healthier than most chips. i highly recommend.


  1. YUM. This looks so good. I never actually thought homemade onion dip could be so simple. Perfect to bring to a party.

    In recent years, I've come to dislike the powder mix version. It's too salty...or something.

  2. Yes yes yessssssss. I love onion dip. A lot. Probably too much. OMG MOREEEEEEE ONION DIPPPPP.

  3. anything with your basic heart stopping ingredients is pretty much on my list of favorite foods ever. THIS LOOKS SO GOOD!! it's been forever since i've had onion dip, and since my arteries have had that long of a break, i think i'm overdue. and thanks for the tip on the utz gourmet chips! i haven't tried those before.

  4. I've never ever had onion dip before and I feel like I have seriously missed out. Would love to try this!


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