Monday, March 24, 2014

my weekend in pictures.

is this just becoming a blog about weekends? ugh. i certainly hope not. i need to get my act together on the blogging front. but anyways...let's talk about my weekend. it's been a couple of years since i have been back to the clinton street baking company, but it confirmed what i already knew - it's the best breakfast in new york. everything they make is AMAZING. the most divine being the pancakes, of course. if you come visit new york i would highly recommend you stop here, preferably during a weekday when the wait is not as bad (the waits here are always really bad). they told me it would be three to three and a half hours - yikes! but when they quote you wait times like that, there are also a lot of people who give up and don't show, making the wait time much smaller. and that's exactly what happened - it was only about an hour and a half before they called and said we had a table. which gave us enough time to have first breakfast! whether you're waiting for an hour, or three, you need a snack to tide you over, and that led us to the marm cafe down the street. this little gem of a place just opened, and the coffee and baked goods are on point (see the donut filled with pastry cream, below). the food other patrons were getting also looked delicious - next time we're not in the mood to wait for hours for breakfast we will be stopping in here. i highly recommend it as both a first breakfast spot and a breakfast spot. after our delicious and multiple breakfasts, we went home to watch lots of basketball and i made some meatballs in the slow cooker (recipe coming this week because i need to blog more!) and sunday was a magical day - tina and i did our regular trip out to new jersey to do a little shopping, a little eating at the cheesecake factory, and little making friends at the train station bar. we do this every few months and it's always a blast. suburbia, you are too kind to us. to the bar at the train station where we met lady pastors, you are far, far, too kind to us. as in, when the train pulled in we ran out and the conductor closed the doors WHILE LOOKING TINA IN THE EYE and went on without us. so yes, the bartender poured us a free glass of wine as we waited for the next train. who does that? i mean we put our coats on, ran outside, and the conductor was just like "BYE GIRL". rude. but it allowed us more time to have fun with the lady pastors we met and enjoy a little basketball. see you again in a few months new jersey! maybe by that time it will actually be warm outside (fingers crossed).


  1. Double breakfast? Genius. I've only been to Clinton St. Baking for dinner (breakfast served all day) because the wait is less outrageous. The pancakes are still delicious in the PM.

    Glad you had fun in NJ despite a that rude train conductor! An free glass of wine makes it better.

    1. right?! always makes everything better. and yes - double breakfast for the win.

  2. Funny story! I can't believe that train conductor just closed the doors on you. Your weekend sounds fabulous otherwise. Two breakfasts! I have never done that! (and whyyy??) That breakfast place sounds amazing. Also, please post your crockpot meatball recipe!

  3. i was drooling over your first breakfast...and then your second breakfast looked amazing too! caleb always says he has two breakfasts on saturday mornings: one when he gets up, and one when i get up and bake muffins/scones/bread :) i need to start having a double breakfast myself!


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