Friday, March 7, 2014

on the islands {part 2}.

alright! the final pictures of our time at the island. this is a little more - our activities on the island - and a little less the views. on the second or third day we were there we took a boat out to another island - there are hundreds of tiny islands everywhere surrounding where we were. when we got there is was really a comedy of errors, but the boat ride was amazing and beautiful, so no complaints. but we had to tramp through the forest, we were eaten alive by bugs, and i scraped my leg on a rock while swimming. oh well. it was still pretty fun to hang out on a little remote beach, all by ourselves. the hotel also had bikes we could use, so on a cloudy day we biked around the island, which was awesome. one reason we really enjoyed being there is that we were able to leave our hotel and experience the life of the little island, which is not always possible with some resorts. we saw tons of animals, rubber trees, a school, a hospital. a ton of lazy cats. like 100 cats just chilling, everywhere, all the time. we also took it upon ourselves to learn how to make drinks and straws out of lemongrass (!), a trick i hope to show you when it warms up and i get my hands on some lemongrass. forget the paper straws with the stripes and dots that are environmentally friendly - lemongrass straws are even better. and after keeping ourselves busy we just enjoyed our final days on the island, wishing it would never end and hoping we would get a chance to go back one day...


  1. Yo that monkey is NOT pleased. NOT AT ALL. I can't wait for the lemongrass straw tutorial though!!

  2. Exploring a new place by bike is one of my favorite things to do. I can't wait to learn about the lemongrass straws as well!

  3. Oooooh jealous. Loved seeing this beautiful island through your eyes. Lemongrass straw tutorial please!

  4. Did you find that there was a difficult language barrier? Or do most people speak English there?

    1. a lot of people do! everyone where we stayed, and everyone at restaurants (many ex-pats open restaurants in thailand as well). our biggest difficulty came in ordering at streetcars - it was mainly just pointing and gesturing but everyone figured out what we wanted, and we figured out what they were telling us. and for the tuk tuks in bangkok it was 50/50 - we didn't take them that much, but one stopped to talk to us about safety around some of the protests, and one who drove us was able to stop where we wanted to go. all in all i would say it was easy to get around and communicate, and lots of people spoke english. definitely no barrier!

  5. Gorgeous photos! Sorry about the bug bites and rock scrape... but you have the right attitude about that! Sounds like such an amazing adventure. what a honeymoon!


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