Wednesday, March 12, 2014

on my weekend in pictures.

this is a bit late, no? oh well. i saw this week on my work calendar for awhile now and dreaded it. we have so. many. things. this week. so many. but i always enjoy being busy at work vs. having a slow day so i can't complain too much. and we're halfway to the weekend! so yay to that. 
this past weekend i went to virginia for a very hot minute for an old friend's baby shower. the shower was wonderful - she's have a little girl and she got all the cute things people desperately want to buy for little girl babies without having to actually have one. all the dresses and bows and pinks were out in full force, as was the rose champagne. i loved it. every guest was asked to bring a book and, lo and behold, all of the childhood friends (three of us attended) brought with us "go dog. go!" at the urging of our husbands who consider it their favorite child's book. it was hilarious, adorable, and a little bit creepy. i hope the little girl enjoys her three copies of a book about dogs and cars. after that we spent time hanging out and catching up before i had to run to catch my train. it was great, as you all know, to sit around with old friends like that. and sometime during this, the strangest thing happened.
i have been to my friend's house a few times over the years since we all graduated high school and went off to college. but this particular day i stepped out onto the deck to get some fresh air and then, for a few seconds, it was like i was back in high school, crouching with all my other friends, smiling big for a picture. it was as if i was in a flashback from a movie or a tv show, you know the ones i'm talking about, and for just a bit i was in a different world. while i've often had memories come back to me here and there, this was different. it was so powerful, it truly felt like i went back in time to watch this scene unfold. the picture in question we took right after graduation, and we each had a black mat that everyone signed with little words of encouragement or inside jokes to go with the picture. i've taken that picture with me everywhere - protected by a plastic, see-through frame, it will never win me any kudos for looking pretty or hip or cool. but it does win for being one of the most important mementos i have. and in this picture, debbie is still alive. and for a few seconds on saturday, it's like she was just there with me, even though it's been almost 12 years since we took the picture. as this came back in a rush on the deck i looked at my other friend, who had tears in her eyes, and i realized it happened to her to. she softly mumbled that she had forgotten, and we stayed outside for a bit longer, composing ourselves, wondering how 12 years went by and so fast, and all the things we've gained, and all the things we've lost. people always ask me if i'm afraid or sad or nervous to turn 30 this year. and i find it the strangest question. i am alive. i am healthy. i am happy. it is a privilege to turn 30, one that is rarely lost me, or the girl i was 12 years ago. and with that we went back inside, to my friend, and her little girl, and all that is yet to be.


  1. I love that you all brought the same book. So adorable. And I'm so glad you got to share that memory with your friend. Now give me that sammich plz.

  2. "It is a privilege to turn 30." Such a great outlook on life. I'm glad you had a great weekend with old friends and rose champagne. My go to baby book is "This is New York" (in case you ever need to shake it up :) ).

    Good luck surviving this week at work! You're almost done!

  3. This was really sweet. You have the best outlook on life <3


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