Tuesday, March 18, 2014

on my weekend without pictures.

this weekend...without pictures! i'm not the best blogger when it comes to taking pictures. oh well. new year's resolution maybe? 2015? (i did give you one professional wedding photo though! yes, they are back. but i feel like i've overdone the wedding stuff, so i'm going to post them when we get to our six month anniversary. y'all need a break i think).
but back to this weekend, which was jam-packed with lots of activities and it felt like coming out of the hibernation of winter even if the weather didn't quite agree. friday night brought my BIG HAIRCUT (see instagram), but i still feel like i have to really show you guys it in a few more pics. i went much shorter and much blonder. spring is coming, at least on my head. tina also got her hair did, so afterwards we caught up over guacamole and a margarita (or three). and the next day brought us to the museum of the city of new york to see an exhibit, the gilded age, with our friend christina for a very belated galantine's day. the exhibit was quite small but it was also quite badass. you know, lots of jewelry and diamond hair pins and silver embossed with family crests. it was the perfect galantine's day activity for a couple of new yorkers. embracing the warmer weather, but braving the wind, we walked thirty blocks south along central park to go to brunch at the mark. we are downtowners and brooklyners, but we loved the mark for the upper east side joint it is not ashamed to be. 90-year-old men brunching with their 30-year-old girlfriends, 80-year-old ladies with freshly done hair in their chanel skirt suits holding court, generations of one family eating lunch at what appears to be their regular spot, a finance guy holding court in the corner with his wife as every patron stops to say hello, and birkin bags as far as the eye can see. i loved it, but i really just love to visit it to be honest. it is also quite expensive, which is why i haven't been since my first visit four years ago, but it was just as delightful as it was last time. if you want to people watch, and you want to people watch the characters of the upper east side, there is literally no better place to do it. but my day of lady-ing out wasn't quite done, as the next day brought me to a wine class with former co-workers. it was hands down one of the worst wine class/tastings i have ever been to, and it cost a silly amount. brian and i have gone to a wine class at terroir in the city and loved it - they offer them on different days at different locations and i highly recommend it (and the price is much, much better). i highly recommend you do not go to corkbuzz, it was a waste of space in my weekend.
smattered in with all the girl time was some church, some italian food, some gym classes and some law and order (obviously). it was a very, very solid weekend, and while the next week still looks like it will be colder than i'd like, i'm shrugging off the excuses and i'm getting back out there. because i'm good enough, i'm smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!


  1. Never enough wedding photos gimme more.

  2. YES to more wedding photos!!

  3. a weekend post without pictures is certainly forgivable when you show us this amazing wedding picture!!! is it your 6-month anniversary yet because i need more!


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