Monday, April 7, 2014

on my weekend in pictures.

this weekend was a glorious one for northeasters - that's right, it was the first weekend where spring really was in the air. i wore a light coat all weekend, i needed sunglasses to shield my eyes, and i even went a few hours without shivering. spring arrived, in full force, not a moment too soon (could have been sooner). with it came one of brian's friends from saratoga, who we treated to a saturday in red hook - probably our favorite part of brooklyn outside of our neighborhood. we went to fort defiance, one of my favorite spots for brunch, we wandered around enjoying the blue skies, we picked up baked goods from a cream of the crop bakery called baked, and yes, the boys shared a pina colada while taking in a vista of the east river at brooklyn crab. the rest of the weekend was pretty much the same - the gym, watching basketball, enjoying a walk in the park on sunday. it felt really, really good to be outside more, and i think i say this for all new yorkers: thank god. or, perhaps i should say, THANK GAWD.


  1. Red Hook is so good! I am also thrilled that the weather is FINALLY cooperating so I can ride my bike down there soon. Our favorite old-school establishment with tasty pizza (but def. not fancy) and cheap beer is Rocky Sullivan's. Try it sometime!

    1. thank you for the rec! we love red hook and will definitely check this out next time.


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