Monday, April 21, 2014

on my weekend in pictures.

happy easter weekend everyone! this weekend was pretty glorious - perfect weather and a perfect holiday. while christmas is my number one, my love for easter has really grown as an adult. the only downside this year was not making anything - brian and i have really gotten into the festive spirit years past, particularly with our cooking and baking (everything from bacon jam to a rebirthday cake for jesus), but even still we managed to enjoy ourselves this year. and, of course, easter mass is a favorite - everyone is so happy, festive and all the ladies wear hats. what more could a girl like me ask for? in addition to easter we also enjoyed strolling around brooklyn. we ended up in a very italian neighborhood - we checked out their church, where they offer mass in english and italian - and soon after leaving we began to smell meatballs. seriously, the scent of meatballs was just wafting in the air. we walked a couple of more blocks, where the scent grew stronger, and decided to stop at a little italian restaurant with a few seats outside. no surprise here: we ordered the meatballs and they were beyond. beyond i tell you. the only other people in the restaurant were cops and people over 80, which tends to mean you're in the right place. we enjoyed our meatballs and a glass of wine in the sun before hopping into the bakery across the street and picking up italian easter bread and some cannolis. i had not seen italian easter bread before, but my mom confirmed it's a big italian tradition at easter that she often had growing up. it's basically a sweet braided bread made with orange or lemon and anise flavoring, with a hard boiled egg tucked into it (google images helps with a visualization). it was an interesting new easter treat to say the least! we tucked into those cannolis last night and oh my word - best cannolis i've ever had. that little corner in brooklyn was filled with so many wonderful things, we must make our way back soon. i hope everyone had a wonderful and delicious weekend, enjoyed great weather, and if you celebrate, had a wonderful easter!


  1. a happy Easter indeed! never heard of Italian Easter bread before but it sounds amazing.

  2. Happy (belated) Easter! Your pics always make me drool (now I have meatball cravings)!


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