Friday, April 11, 2014

on signs of spring.

the first sign of spring in many places is baseball - and it's no different in nyc. brian and i went to our first yankees game this week, or as he likes to call it, "an orioles game", and it was great to sit outside for the night (even though gloves were still needed, as seen below). a baseball game is one of the easiest things to experience in new york - both mets' and yankees' stadium are accessible by the subway - and although i like mets stadium better, i do love seeing my yanks. i like the bleacher seats - cheap, good views - but as it gets hotter i only recommend them for night games. also, if you have kids you may not want to sit in the bleacher section as it's filled with many, shall we say, verbose fans. i think my favorite last night was what one young lad yelled at the orioles center fielder: "say hi to your wife for me - and my kids." ouch. but if you like a little entertainment along with a great view, it's not a bad place to be.


  1. Agreed: baseball season means spring. We haven't been to Fenway yet, but we're trying to get there soon. I've heard I need to go to the Mets' stadium; I mean, at least for the food.

    1. if you have to go to one when you're here that's definitely the one I recommend. although a Yankees game does have Derek jeter...

  2. Baseball is trying to make it big in Aus (and it actually has quite a big fan base) - we missed out seeing the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks at the Sydney Cricket Ground a few weeks ago which I am still bummed out about. I drive Jordan nuts when we watch it on tv because I find the rules a little baffling!

  3. You are hardcore! I prefer my baseball scorching hot with a chance of sunburn. However, having baseball season back means things are moving in the right direction. See you at the ballpark in July! (I prefer the Mets stadium too. The food is hard to beat.)

  4. I'm sure it would be so different going to an MLB game with a huge fan base like the Yankees' compared to our dinky little league Durham Bulls games! Looks like a lot of fun - minus the cold.


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