Friday, May 30, 2014

on our wedding {3}.

and now for what i call...the prettiest pictures of all. while these aren't necessarily my favorite favorite pictures (some of them are, of course), they are the most beautiful pictures. (also, virginia and the fall season, thank you. forever. love, colleen). these are the pictures we took in between the ceremony and the reception when we stood in front of pretty trees, and the light was just right, and all those things. these, my friends, are what we call the money shots. some notes...
1) we had a lot of fun with our photographer. she made us kiss, A LOT, so try and see what photos you think we're laughing in. we started taking photos on a property across the way from our venue, and i got nervous that someone would tell us to leave. she paused, looked at me, and said "look at what you're wearing. no one's going to tell you to do anything." LOL.
2) i have so, so many favorites in these. but i will say - the one where we are standing, looking at the camera, my dress is all in the picture, the footbridge is behind us, the light is perfect, i just love. alternatively, the photo where brian is fixing my dress behind right before getting this shot i also love because - you better work boy! the ones where we are in front of a tree, on the ground, about to kiss, with the sunbeam breaking through, i adore. and lastly, the ones where we are on the marble floor, my dress all out like - BOOM - i freaking love. the glamour, the dress, the whole thing, just love love love. it is so me.
3) our bridal party looks stunning in these shots (i wish i could show you more but reference the first post). my favorite picture of brian is the one where is laughing with his groomsmen behind him - it is currently residing on my nightstand :) and the picture of all of us, with the beautiful virginia trees showcasing their colors, i've been told looks like an ad for the good life. everyone looks stunning, and for such a big bridal party, out photographer captured an amazing group this way. the good life indeed.
4) my roses. so, i have known i wanted red roses for awhile. before we met with a florist, though, i looked at some pictures and decided that normal red roses don't look good (to me) in photos - they're a little too bright, a little too garish. our florist said, no problem, let's use black magic roses. black magic roses are a much deeper and darker red. and then i looked up brides carrying black magic roses and it looked...too dark, much too maroon. you could say - black, almost (hence the name!) (this was my quintessential bride moment, by the way, in case you didn't know). so i told my florist maybe add in some other roses that are in between those two to give it more depth? which was essentially me being like - i have no idea what to do, but i can see in my head what i want. i went back and forth on this a bit, while brian told me to just go with it since it's what i had wanted. and then you start to look at all the other bouquets out there filled with beautiful flowers and all sorts of things and i was like, well shit. and in general i couldn't really care about flowers - they're all pretty! - but this actually gave me some anxiety, which embarrassed me because it's just a bouquet. but that's the thing about your wedding - you make a lot of decisions and hope it will turn out how you want it turn out without really knowing how it will look and it gives you anxiety. and before you know it you're worried about different rose breeds and you feel like an awful person who needs a big dose of reality. SO, when the bouquet arrived the morning of our wedding i was pretty much floored because it was so beautiful, and perfect, and exactly what i envisioned but better. and i know some of it is the editing of the photographer here, but these roses are insanely beautiful below, so do my anxiety that used to be and agree with me. and that is the saga of the roses and now you know i can be shallow sometimes. and care a lot about roses.
4) there are multiple versions of the same shot below. i just couldn't pick. don't hate y'all.
*you better work*

Thursday, May 29, 2014

on my weekend in pictures.

~ a quick break from wedding photos for a weekend update! ~
this past weekend (hello summer!) brian and i went down to virginia for a wedding (middleburg to be exact). it's not near our families, so we decided to make a little vacation out of it since we don't *technically* vacation in virginia. middleburg is the heart of virginia's "hunt country", where people ride around on horses and hunt foxes, so it was very to-do in a southern way: rolling fields, horses everywhere, barns everywhere, mansions everywhere. if you are seeking a little more of a pretentious life, boy oh boy is middleburg the place for you. but, pretentious or not, it was absolutely gorgeous and stunning and i fell in love with virginia all over again. i found a bed and breakfast for us to stay at - an old barn converted into rooms, so you know i was in heaven (also, that pool!) it was on acres and acres of land so we got to stroll around a bit and meet all sorts of farm animals and take all sorts of pictures. the weather was perfect while we were down there and the wedding went off without a hitch - everyone looked beautiful, everyone danced, and there were multiple cakes (cakes, for the win, always). we capped off the weekend by hanging out at a vineyard with the newlyweds, visiting a friend's new baby, and eating all the delicious pancakes we could. it was, simply put, heaven. i'm thinking we need to "vacation" in virginia a little more often.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

on our wedding {2}.

and now...the ceremony! just a warning - i have posted far too many pictures in this post. i guess that was a given but...seriously. way too much.
again...some notes...
1) you get to see tina and jess and katie walk down the aisle! because they know about the blog. and they can tell me to take it down if they want!
2) our wedding, outside of our wedding parties, was strictly a family affair. i loved this. probably my favorite was my aunt, who runs her church's choir, playing and singing a few songs during the ceremony. she has the voice of an angel, and during the reflection part of the mass she played, "may the road rise up to meet you", which led to a few guests telling me they liked the irish touch to the ceremony. and i was like - YES - because it's nice when people notice little details that you think they wouldn't pick up on.
3) i was a pretty smile-y, laugh-y bride (see below). i was just so pumped and so happy, and figured focusing on this to keep the tears at bay was the way to go. however, HOWEVER, my aunt came up to read the prayers of the faithful, which is basically just prayer requests, as written by the couple. and she started crying/voice breaking in a few and i lost it, hard, but only for like five seconds. it was just that whole moment of realizing how much everyone has done for you, through your whole life, ever since you were just a tiny little slip of a thing. and you realize that a lot throughout the whole wedding process but, it just hit home. but after five seconds i nipped that in the bud. real quick like.
4) and then...we were off! and married!


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