Thursday, May 29, 2014

on my weekend in pictures.

~ a quick break from wedding photos for a weekend update! ~
this past weekend (hello summer!) brian and i went down to virginia for a wedding (middleburg to be exact). it's not near our families, so we decided to make a little vacation out of it since we don't *technically* vacation in virginia. middleburg is the heart of virginia's "hunt country", where people ride around on horses and hunt foxes, so it was very to-do in a southern way: rolling fields, horses everywhere, barns everywhere, mansions everywhere. if you are seeking a little more of a pretentious life, boy oh boy is middleburg the place for you. but, pretentious or not, it was absolutely gorgeous and stunning and i fell in love with virginia all over again. i found a bed and breakfast for us to stay at - an old barn converted into rooms, so you know i was in heaven (also, that pool!) it was on acres and acres of land so we got to stroll around a bit and meet all sorts of farm animals and take all sorts of pictures. the weather was perfect while we were down there and the wedding went off without a hitch - everyone looked beautiful, everyone danced, and there were multiple cakes (cakes, for the win, always). we capped off the weekend by hanging out at a vineyard with the newlyweds, visiting a friend's new baby, and eating all the delicious pancakes we could. it was, simply put, heaven. i'm thinking we need to "vacation" in virginia a little more often.


  1. So beautiful! And the two of you are straight stunners. Love!

  2. Yesss a weekend in VA sounds amazing right now. That pool! Also, I cannot handle the cuteness of your matching outfits. You guys look SO GOOD.


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