Monday, June 9, 2014

on my weekend in pictures.

i'm back! last week and weekend i was in chicago for work, followed by coming home to brian's birthday, followed by my parents visiting. so here we are now. i figured you wouldn't want to see snapshots of my computer screen in chicago so i just skipped last week. we were lucky here in nyc and the most gorgeous weather - i snagged a table outside at a great bar near my office for a drink with my family, we took a rowboat out on the lake in central park, and i snagged a table outside for a girls' brunch on sunday morning. suffice to say, the gods were really on my side this weekend. as for the rowboat - our nyc tourist moment - i highly recommend it! it's only $15 for an hour and it was so fun - the views are great, it's a beautiful and fun way to see the city, and it's just a lot of fun. thanks, of course, to brian for being our rower, he was a trooper :) i hope you guys had an awesome weekend, and tomorrow we will wrap up the last of the wedding photos! it's the party photos so - yes, there are some good (and funny) ones! p.s. enjoy the selfie below!


  1. Oooooh lookatchu! Hottie. And def adding the rowboat to my list of things to do in NYC :)

    1. definitely do it! i loved it - hoping to try again in the fall when the leaves change :)


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