Tuesday, June 17, 2014

on my weekend in pictures.

this past weekend brian and i went out to shelter island to celebrate his birthday (happy birthday, b!) i found a deal online for a hotel by the bay, and it would take only a train and a ferry ride to get there. no planes or cars? we're in. what we weren't in for was to to fall head over heels for this place. wow wow wow. shelter island a special place. a tiny island off the north fork of long island, it has zero stoplights and encourages a laid back kind of life. while the weather wasn't perfect when we got there, it didn't rain, allowing us to take some bikes to a local b.y.o.b. seafood restaurant (that serves the best fried chicken and smoked ribs, to boot), and end the night with some red wine around our hotel's fire pit. saturday was decidedly nicer weather, which we started off with a breakfast sandwich at a little countertop tucked inside the local pharmacy, and ended with a few laps of paddle boarding before watching the sun set. sunday we soaked up as much as we could from the day, ending our stay with a glass of rose and oysters at a bar that sits right on the bay and right next to the train station. perfect.
going to shelter island was like taking a step back in time and a big, deep breath - it's remoteness (yet still easy to get to!) and laid back attitude is really something special (if you're looking for a local honeymoon, this is it.) i can't recommend this gem of a place enough - brian and i are truly hoping we make it back before the end of the summer. if you ever find yourself in greenport, the town that you take the train to and board the ferry, or shelter island, let me know - i have lots of recommendations for you. i have honestly never been somewhere quite like this - i'm sure some new england towns come close - and i can't recommend it enough. consider us smitten.


  1. If I ever come back to NY, I would love to take a little trip here. I can practically feel the laid back atmosphere through the pictures!

  2. Beautiful! I need to make a trek there ASAP. I feel like we're always doing the same things when we go to NYC, and I want to switch it up!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic birthday weekend! It's so rare to find a place that is laid back but not impossible to get to (ie without a car). Shelter Island sounds like a gem!

    I'm actually heading to the North Fork for a wine extravaganza with friends in July. Sadly, I don't think time allows for a trip to Shelter Island (so much wine to drink, so little time) but Greenport is definitely on the docket. Please send recommendations!

  4. Wow sounds amazing! Glad you and Brian had a great weekend celebrating his birthday!!

  5. this place sounds incredible! i've been hearing about more little beach spots/vacation spots with a no car rule, and i think i need to go to a place like that. sounds so relaxing and fun!


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