Wednesday, June 25, 2014

on my weekend in pictures.

last weekend was the best! i feel like i keep saying this but it's summer - good weather and lots of sunshine means after a week of sitting in an over-airconditioned office, i'm happy.
this weekend brian and i did a bit of exploring by visiting a new brewery in brooklyn called the other half. they make very delicious and distinct beers, and the $5 flight tasting was enough for us to, shall we say. to put it nicely, i suppose. if you're looking for a brewery with more flavor and something different, come here. it's definitely not our last visit. andddddd...since we were a short walk away from the restaurant and bakery that we recently discovered have the best meatballs and cannolis (just a few weekends ago) we thought - well, i guess we should go and have some meatballs and cannolis!! we also had a slice of sausage pizza and wine because hey, it's the weekend and i'm gonna have me some fun. but don't worry, heathens we may be, we still made it to saturday night mass...before we went to go have more pizza and wine. it's like on the weekends we are possessed by beings that will only eat pizza and drink wine. i'll take it.
and finally, sunday. ohhhhhh sunday. what a glorious day you were. the weather was perfect, we had a low-key picnic in the park with tina surrounded by wine and bread and salami and artichoke dip and mozzarella and tomatoes and maybe cannolis again? we are creatures of habit. we live right next to a park and we fully took advantage of it on sunday and it was perfect. you know what was also perfect? the random guy doing various yoga poses, most importantly the 'child pose' , at which point an errant beagle went up and sniffed the man's bum. the owner was mortified, we died of laughter, and yoga man had no reaction. wish you guys had been there, it was pure comedy. and then tina and i ended the night at a favorite italian restaurant across from the park when brian went to go watch the world cup - have i told you lately that i love italian food? have you picked up on it? yes?
hope you had the best weekend, and ate at least one cannoli.


  1. Hmmmm...the best cannoli you say? I've tried some pretty good cannolis so I may have to asess ;) Where is this place with the best cannolis? Is it the restaurant you hyperlinked or is it a separate bakery?

    1. yes! go assess (and pick up some lard bread). I think it's owned by the same person and I checked, no website (but it is really tiny). it's across the street from the restaurant I hyperlinked and it's called mazzola bakery. you'll love it, promise!

  2. You are just one step ahead of me! I've been wanting to try out the Other Half Brewery. Glad to hear it gets your approval. Now I'm not going to be able to try it without stopping for a cannoli too.

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! And um, LOVE your hair curly!


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