Wednesday, June 11, 2014

on our wedding {4}.

and now...the FUN stuff. your wedding day is special and lovely and overwhelming and every feeling's also a hell of a lot of fun (see below). again, some notes...
1) as i've mentioned, i really pleaded with brian to consider wearing a white jacket at the reception. while i know many get focused on what the bride wears - hey, it's the groom's day, too. and i consider it to be such a classic, handsome look that men rarely get to wear. and when brian finally tried it on he was like - yeah, this is awesome. as a gift for him i got the jacket personalized with our wedding date, initials, and, under the collar - his nickname. to say that this jacket was the star of the show would understatement. every single man made a comment, took a photo of him, and one of our friends just simply lost it, came up to me, grabbed me and said, "i feel like i'm back in the 40's. it's amazing." comparison to the greatest generation? we'll take it. since the wedding i've seen some of our male guests and we'll talk about everything under the sun, the conversation will pause, they'll sigh and say, "man...remember the white coat brian wore?" apparently, there is a white coat in every man, waiting to get out. also - future brides and more importantly their grooms - feel free to change something up, be it cummerbund, coat, tie, shoes, bowtie, etc.  you do you at your reception, people will love it.
2) our reception was held at a real old school country club (of which we are not members, it's far too fancy for us on the regular). it's very virginia and is basically just an old brick mansion, complete with one perfect powder blue room (made for brides)...and designed and built by thomas jefferson. it was more virginia than virginia is. and while brian and i do not love receiving lines (the formality and stiffness is just no good), our moms did. so the compromise was to greet guests coming into the reception - it felt more natural, more laid-back , it was nice to welcome them into the party, and we got to say hi to everyone. i really, really, liked this compromise, so, something to keep in mind if you have a mom (or dad) that loves an awkward receiving line.
3) the black dahlias in old martini glasses? florist for the win.
4) the photo of us lounging on the couch makes me laugh so hard. oh you know, just another saturday at home y'all!
5) the wreath on our seats has acorns on it, the symbol of the university (vanderbilt) where we met each other. back in the day cornelius vanderbilt's wife loved the phrase, "mighty oaks from little acorns grow", and thus made it their (and the university's) symbol. not a bad symbol and phrase for a marriage, too.
6) a groom's cake is a little of a southern thing, but it should be an every thing because - more cake! brian chose an ice cream cake and we had the skyline of nashville put on the side - this was the first time the baker had done something like that, so color me very impressed.
7) our band was amazing. sam hill entertainment was so helpful - organized website by types of bands/price/location - and we picked our band in about 30 minutes. easiest decision ever.
8) i got to throw my bouquet off the balcony, which was my evita moment, finally. i loved it and those that did musical theatre with me growing up were like - yup. there it is.
9) we stayed where the reception was...but we still had to drive away. so the venue let us use a golf cart, my bridesmaid who was the greatest sorority sister to ever walk the earth decorated it (note: have a former sorority member in your wedding party, it is always a win), and we had a little trouble finding the gas pedal (my dress was...voluminous.) and this led to a great moment of my very long island godfather shouting: "they don't know how to use it! they never drive!" lol.
and there you have it. that's a wrap. love - the people who have no idea how to operate motorized vehicles



    My favorite pic is the one of you smiling with your hand up in the air (right above the NY cake)--- pure joy on your face. I heart that one so much. But all of them! Honestly!



    1. I really really love that one too - it was during Brian's speech. I wish you had been there too (with Zan) ❤️

  2. OH! That bustle! That jacket! THAT ICE CREAM CAKE! All of it is just so dreamy and lovely, and your entire No. 2 description just had me loling. So Virginia. Love it all!

  3. I love these!!! The reception photos are always the best because they really capture the joy of the day. Your venue was so southern and so perfect. All of it was gorgeous! Thanks for sharing !!! :)

  4. SOOOO fun! I loved your bouquet toss balcony. I know some people think tossing the bouquet is cheesy and leave it out, but I think it is such a fun tradition. I love that a guy caught yours! (The garter toss I can do without :) )

  5. I was just looking at bloglovin (Elise is sleeping), and realized I never looked at this post. So many fun pictures. I love the balcony for throwing your bouquet! And the one with you doing a fist pump while drinking champagne... Ha! Your photographer did an amazing job.

  6. i just love all of this. what a fun reception you had! love brian's white jacket, love your dress in the dancing pictures!, love that you threw the bouquet from a balcony. so glad you had such a perfect day!


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