Friday, June 13, 2014

on a summertime sauce.

one of my favorite flavors, particularly during the summer months, is lemon. from pies to pasta and everything in between, i find it hard to resist a dish when lemon is involved. as we are still - STILL - without cooking gas (three months baby), this was also a simple dish i could make on our hot plate. what a life.
i looked over quite a few recipes and i liked this one the best. i also found one using yogurt, but some comments mentioned curdling once it was in contact with the lemon juice. however, my interest was piqued - if it works for me i'll share the low fat version of this here, too. for this sauce you don't need many ingredients - lemon, heavy cream, salt, butter, white wine and some pecorino (or parm) cheese.
as you start to make the sauce, begin to heat your water for the pasta. melt the butter in a saucepan and add your lemon zest. let this cook until it's sizzling, then add in your lemon juice, salt, and white wine. bring it back to a simmer, cover for a few minutes, then whisk in cream.
stir it occasionally, letting it cook until it reaches a thickness and consistency you like. keep the sauce simmering as you cook your pasta, then drain the pasta and toss together, adding the freshly grated cheese and a little reserved pasta water if necessary to loosen the sauce. my sauce wasn't as thick as i would like (but i can't wait all night for the damn hot plate to cook it), but tossing it with the cheese and pasta while keeping the burner hot helped thicken it right up.
a lot of the recipes i saw added some veggies - peas, argula or spinach that wilts when stirred in, topped with chopped tomato, etc. this sauce is a great base, feel free to personalize however you like with whatever may be in your kitchen.
season before serving (i like a lot, A LOT, of black pepper), then enjoy! i look forward to making this a few times this summer, it was great.


  1. Sounds super yummy, and looks incredible! I can't believe you still don't have cooking gas! Holding out hope you'll get it back...eventually? Sometime soon? Gah.

  2. I too love lemon, so I will have to try this out. I CANNOT believe you still don't have gas! That is outrageous! If it makes you feel better, whenever I use my oven these days it makes my whole apartment a thousand degrees and miserable. So at least you are avoiding that? Stay strong!

  3. Sounds yummy!! Pasta is my weakness for sure, and this sauce would be a variation to my old red sauce standby.


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